Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Remembrance of Things Past

Because it's Labor Day weekend and the Crabfam are feeling antsy we have decided to quit Crabtown and go head for the Pacific Northwest, to an actual city for the weekend.

I haven't been to an actual city in so long I'm afraid I won't recognize it.

What is that thing? A "subway"? Whaa?
And that? A Chinese restaurant? What's "Chinese"?
And that...? A "skyscraper"? Okay, but WHAT, pray, does it do?

It's as though we are Mennonites, making our way through civilization for the first time, en route to some corn-plucking festival in Canada.

Okay, so before I get into trouble for mention Mennonites and other minorities (Gabe, you still a fan?) I will instead get back to the point and tell you that I shan't be posting while I am engaging in my metropolitan meanderings. If you need more of me, please go to my Cookie bloglet where I am forced to post regularly, wherever I may roam and regardless of the amount of crack I am doing.

My latest Cookie post comprises part two of the toddler art debate, and includes a summary of top tips for guilt-free disposal of that terrible toddler preschool artwork. Haven't added your two cents? Come on over. Heck, add three cents if you want!! Labor Day's post should be even more useful, containing my newest Million Dollar Mommy invention, the MartyrMeter (New parents who can't figure out which of you is doing more? Stop arguing! Let the MartyrMeter calculate the truth!)

And if you are still lusting for my Crabbiness, I have conveniently collated a list of my top Crabmommy posts of seasons past. So many of you readers are new. And I like you. Ish. But we would like you more if you had known us back in the early Crab-days, when the crabbing was raw and fresh.

Here follow my personal pluckings from the Crab-archive (so hard to choose! They are all so delightful and useful! One might call it a random sampling):

The Cure for Whining

Cover Girl Clavel!
Moving House
The Listening Chart
Upwardly Mobile (okay this one is recent...but it got me the highest # of hits ever so maybe it has something the others don't)

If that doesn't give you more than enough reading material, check out this article on people who potty train their tots from birth. I'm sure all the blogmommies are bloggiting on about this issue right now. Whaddya think? We can talk about it when I get back.

Happy week to you...wish me well as I voyage far and wide...and north...and west.


Leann I Am said...

We'll miss you, Crabmommy! Take lots of notes and pictures of all the dysfunction you might meet along the way!

And thanks for stopping by my page! I feel *special* now!

Anonymous said...

Well Crabmommy, it's your old friend Justy. R Kozain told me about your online activities and I had to say hello.

info@thebabymarketplace.com said...

What? What do you mean you're not blogging from the city? Like why? Ahh ... they've got internet in the city DUDE (sorry Crab-Dude).

Just take a quick couple of pictures, doing city shi ... stuff and give us a quickie. You've got a two year old ... you know all about quickies.

MK xo

I'm waiting ...

Anonymous said...

Have fun being a city slicker! Are you gonna pull up to the city in your new double-wide? That would make quite an entrance.

Jane, P&B Girls

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!
And potty training at birth... I'm so not for it. It's hard enough to be a mom of 3 boys...
I have a philosophy that people that do that do it to tell people. Sort of like "mine's bigger than yours!" You determine what's bigger!
BUt we will miss you! Say hello to the City!
- Audrey

Anonymous said...

Actually I am leaning more towards becoming a Luddite as I get older. Text messaging???!! Puhleeeez! Oh and the NY Times article about newborns potty trained. I actually went to the website after reading the article yesterday. These women have to much time on their hands.

Off you go and enjoy your city sojourn. I am an urban warrior and adore my city time. It will invigorate and stimulate.

angelica said...

Well, good luck with the big city. I remember our first trip out from Telluride. We stopped at Starbucks and Wendy's just because we could. We were sorely disappointed with both as our memories of them were much better than the real thing.

P.S. I LOVE the Listening Chart blog. I thought I was the only one who tried for the path of non-violence only to fail miserably. So far, no violence today. I am feeling the "distraction" and "calmly explaining" today. Naptime will be over in an hour though....

metalia said...

My cousin (who had a water birth in her living room) attempted the "Elimination Communication" toilet training from birth. She claimed that it works, but I'm skeptical. Um, also? Who the hell has time to toilet train an infant?

Anonymous said...

Metalia, I agree. T-training infants seems so shockingly on-top-of-things for a new mom who hasn't even got time to put on fresh socks let alone listen intently for subtle signs of potential need-to-wee communication. I also find it amazing that these people can learn to read their tots and take all that on while learning to breastfeed etc. I can't imagine learning to "understand" the baby's subtle elimintaion communication signals when her totally unsubtle colicky screams were always a mystery to me.

Props to anyone who can pull it off but to me it's hard enough to try to figure out the usual questions --hungry? tired? teething? gassy? wet? dry? -- without having to add "feel like doing a number one" or "maybe a number two?" to the equation.

More power to those who do it for they are saving our enviro. You elimination mommies, you are good peeps! Are you teaching them totlets ASL at the same time?