Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mama Merit Badges

Check out my bloglet at Cookie magazine today for some fun Mom the form of Merit Badges for moms. Cute. But she is missing some badges there. Like she doesn't give any to bottle-feeding moms. And to me that means the chick just forfeited her "Don't Judge Other Moms" badge.

Also, I have just joined the BlogHer network, meaning I get really schmantzy ads popping up on my site. Be a dear and click on them. This way they will think I'm worthy of remaining in their circle. Yikes, telling people to click is probably illegal and I'm probably going to get tossed out of the network now. So I take it back. Pretend you never read this. Pretend I deleted it.

Last, I am ashamed to say that I voted myself Best Parenting Blog on some wanky website just so I could get that nifty new button some of you may have noticed on my blog. I wouldn't have 'fessed up, except that it's rather blatantly obvious—when you go to the site—that the one nomination for this here blog comes from, erm, Crabmommy.

OK, so I'm a Bragmommy too. But I need all the badges I can get, people. Blogging is competitive! Don't judge me! Don't judge! (Just click.)


Anonymous said...

I will click (even though you didn't ask anyone to), but if I'm interrogated in a court of law, I just may have to sing like a bird. I'm not good in those situations.

Hey, people nominate themselves for president, don't they? Why can't you nominate yourself for a blog award?

Jane, P&B Girls

Anonymous said...

Best Parenting Blog - check.
Best Humor Blog - check.
Hottest Mommy Blogger - check for divorce proceedings.

Seriously - you are hot. Two out of three Crabtown Husbands of Ivy League Grad School class of 19xx's agree (third CHOILGS currently traveling and unable to vote).

However, to make it official with a binding public non-secret ballot is asking too much. You push too hard darling.

I'm willing to register and vote, but don't get me in aqua caliente with the other a of a&a with a tacit request to vote you Hottest Mommy Blogger. As I said - you are hot. I just can't say it in public.

Now - all you other Crabmommy acolytes - get ye over to bloggerschoice dot com and vote!

Crabmommy said...

A of A&A, I stand before you ashamed. I DID vote myself "Hottest Mommy Blogger." I just clicked all those damn categories without properly evaluating a) my actual hotness and b) the potential for marital tension on account of voting the Crabmommy hot. And while you have been kind enough to call me so, let's face it: a chick in a purple robe who who drinks too much coffee isn't the sexiest image on the blogosphere.

I think you are a true friend for signing up with that website. Signing up is a lot for anyone to ask. It's enough to have to read a person's blog. You went beyond the call of duty. Excellent human! I didn't realize anyone voting would have to sign up. I thought once i listed Cmom the votes could just flood in...Thank you, A. You seriously bloody rock. said...

You shameless hussy! If you still lived in NYC, I wouldn't have called you a hussy. Hussy definitely works for WY.

I will click on the ads (intreged by the egg culture ad). Hmmm ... with my great genetics ... no don't go there MK!

I'll vote for you too, obviously, not being a bragmommy, I'll never get there. Might as well vote for you. *wink*

Leann I Am said...

I wish I had the 'stones' to ask someone to click on the ads on my page...which you can find by clicking on my name....

But I would never do that. That would be wrong. Especially on someone else's blog!

I want buttons, too!

OH! By the way, I showed you some 'Linky Love' on my you should click on it anyway and check it out.

And while you're there...


Anonymous said...

snicker, snicker!