Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Slouching Toward the Bloglet

I've tried hard never to post unless I really have something to say. But tonight I don't have much, though I'd like you all to know that I am still here, in spite of the abundant vacational frolicking I have been doing with family visitors, of late. I'd like to say I have some fab postings up my sleeve but my young niece has a double ear infection, Crabtot has been driving us all to distraction, and basically we are a tad tired tonight.

Instead, I do the unthinkable and point Crabmom readers to the bloglet, where I am forced to come up with novel ideas, no matter how dull the insides of my brain might be or how irritable or ill my family members. At Cookie, I must be quick and on the mark. So please, do go there and see me in my perkier incarnation.

At the Bloglet:

Tomorrow's post at my Cookie blog will involve super-smashing top tips for lazy and cheap mothers who wish to dazzle their tiny daughters. Yesterday's post contains fond musings on toddler vocab and the charm of mangled words in grownup conversations. And if you've been longing for some of that old Crabmommy advice and haven't checked the bloglet for a while, be sure to scroll back a few and/or search the archives for my snippy takes on irritatingly obvious advice from pediatricians and other tot experts. It's all here, at the advice-column-within-my-Cookie-column, Because We Need Advice.

Crabmommy has also developed an entire range of gadgets with you, the exhausted and unglamorous and fed up parent in mind. Forget Julie Shickerton-Whilliker of Baby Einstein! Crabmommy will soon be the new Million Dollar Mommy.

Read the bloglet, my friends. Push past the pop-ups. Deal with the sign-ups. Help Crabmommy stay solvent by responding with delight and enthusiasm to the Cmomatcookiedotcom. We've got to keep our tot in Hello Kitty bandaids, my chums. Or, at the very least, in Singorillo ones.

Ok. Plug over.

I will be back soon...ish... With original content. Ish.

One can only hope.


Anonymous said...

That sucks that your niece has an ear infection... my 2 oldest boys had ear infections last week. It was awful. They were so out of it and in so much distress!
Love your Million Dollar Mommy ideas... may I join you!!?? LOL
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

info@thebabymarketplace.com said...

Ok CM, soon'ish has come and gone. I am going through withdrawls.

I am getting worried! Have you run off with the crazy cowboy from next door? Has your sister ...

Post girl!