Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rodeo Retooled

Because Bloody Blogger messed with my photos and many of you were not able to see the rodeo snaps, and begged me to fix the problem, I re-uploaded all pics. See for yourselves by scrolling down to the post entitled "Everything Totally Went the Rodeo."
p.s. If you have ever tossed your toddler's preschool artwork, please visit the bloglet and tell us whether you feel guilty or not guilty for doing it. Also, what are your criteria for keeping vs. trashing the tot art? This is a matter of great personal relevance to me right now.

4 comments: said...

I throw nearly ALL of it away. Most of it gets a turn on the fridge (just until the next piece arrives), then i goes in the bin.

IF it is outstanding (I judge), belly laugh funny, brings tear to my eyes then it goes in the art trunk (18x14x12) where all my children's treasures are stored.

They understand we can't keep it all, we just enjoy it for a while and make room for the next treasure.

I always feel a little pang of sadness when I bin it, but it passes.

Most art made by crabtot's age ... it's really made by the teacher. Unless she is a sevant, the only thing she is capable of right now is a skibble! Just tell yourself you're throwing out the teachers art. It's a lot easier :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! My OCD so comes out when it comes to kid art!! I have kept everything William draws... to the point where even my husband is like "WHY?" So I'm trying to get better. Trying is the operative word here!! But even this morning my 2 yr old was drawing "whales"... and they actually looked like whales... he drew grey ovals and was saying "whales swim" - so now I HAVE to keep!! :)
What about you?
As always... love your post!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

Leann I Am said...

I don't have any real 'rule' that I follow on this. I just post everything on the fridge or on a shelf for a little while. Then, when they forget about it I toss it. If it was especially good or sentimental, I will keep it. I have a plastic tote I keep in the top of their closet for those things.

It's hard for some of them, but they just can't be raised to think that EVERYTHING they do is amazing! They should be acknowledge for the work they put into something and then get on with their LIVES!!!

Too many kids think they are above everyone else and everything they touch turns to GOLD.

Anonymous said...

So funny--my kid is a bit older, but I also transfer the "art" from one surface to another until I am sure kid has forgotten about her masterpiece and then I toss it. I dont feel guilty because by the time I get around to tossing, such a large pile has accrued that it is easy to see that there it little to distinguish one from the next. ALso, my real saving grace is that there is some stuff she has done that I actually love, and I do hang that stuff on the wall; a select few that seem especially cute or clever get put into a box for future oggling.