Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cover Girl Clavel

I made fun of a Christian mom in my last post and now my numbers have dropped. Oh dear. Godmoms, please come back! I promise not to insult you anymore. Some of my best friends are Christians. In fact, in this here post I celebrate a woman of God -- namely, the nun, Miss Clavel, in the Madeline stories. Yesterday, while Crabtot was watching me put on makeup, she pointed at the tube of mascara on the counter and said, "There's Miss Clavel!"

I didn't put up this blog to brag about Crabtot, but let's be frank, the girl knows her shapes and colors. And her nuns. To see as the Crabtot sees, I photographed Miss Clav on the book here:

Then, I took my pathetic camera skills (sorry, still no Photoshop and still no figuring out of the manual functions on my camera) to Cover Girl mascara tube itself. The result is not great, but I think the message comes through: God is in the details.

Yes, even Crabmom, heathen that she is, is humbled. Evidently a divine presence can occur where you least expect it. Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich. Miss Clavel next to my toothbrush.


Heather said...

have you thought about picasa by google? Free download and super easy to use while you wait for photoshop.

Crabmommy said...

thanks, hlh. will look into it. technology as with all things crabmommy, is always evolving and needs maintenance. picasa -- will check it out.

Karen Stead Baigrie said...

but we already knew crabtot was a genius, have you had her tested for MENSA membership yet?

Karen Stead Baigrie said...

if you havent you better get with it as that is what all us moms-of -genius 2 year olds are doing here in hip nyc

Crabmommy said...

Bklynmom, I am happy to report that after reading my post, MENSA contacted ME! Apparently the Clavel-to-mascara shape-matching is already a category on their test, and the fact that Crabtot spotted it is guaranteed membership to MENSA -- plus it comes with a full scholarship to Harvard from the Bemelmans family. I am so excited! Except that we have a small problem: Crabtot was denied entry into the top preschool here. She just sucks at coloring in. There's no nice way to put it. And the numbers, they are not so hot. Plus they observed her in a room on her own and given a choice of reading, drawing, painting, or dancing she chose to pick her nose the entire time. Ahhhh what's a prodigy-mom to do? They just don't perform on demand, do they?

Karen Stead Baigrie said...

I htink 2 my 2 yr old sleeps through school . In brooklyn our good preschools are so few that they offer afternoon classes for those of us who did not line up in a blizzard at 5am to ensure a morning slot.

We of course ended up in the afternoon class - starts at 1pm. My little darling vetoes naps most days right now and prefers to fall asleep in the stroller en route, so I leave him there asleep. They assure me that they will wake him up after a while but I think that they simply let him sleep. (Wouldn't you?)

Will this mean he is going to fall behind all the other little genius's out there? (like crabtot)!

PS maybe you should start a column - ask crabmom kind of thing to help us get our kids up to speed as you must be dong something (flash cards/ morning shapes and colors drills?)

Crabmommy said...

ask crabmom. and ye shall receive really pathetic advice. i love it. Now THAT'S a genius idea. said...

Way to go crabtot! But can you do math, huh? Can ya? HeeHee ... our brilliant 20 month old can answer any math equations where the answer is "3". Seeing is that is the only # she will say, we make life easy by asking her questions she can answer.

The rest of the time she walks around saying, "mom farts" thanks to her brilliant father and of course crapping her pants. Oh and she definitely is training for a career in Bingo and uses her bottle to "dab" milk all over the house.

I might just start calling her craptot.

Now if your lucky google will pick up on the BINGO and start running anti-gambling ads too.

Crabmommy said...

Poor Mommyknows. The milk-dabbing is phase is so un-fun. Naughty little mathtot.