Monday, April 14, 2008

FREE STUFF! Schwagilicious

Yes. If you are Alexis, you get the free Dollar Store pregnancy test I so generously offered here for my last Dollar Store Giveaway. Congrats, Alexis!

Speaking of Dollar Stores, I just heard about the 99c cookbook.
However, I don't think the recipe book itself costs 99c and therefore I unfortunately cannot offer it as a prize in my next Dollar Store Giveaway.

The real question is, does this cookbook utilize my favorite find at the Crabtown Dollar Store, mango-flavored pineapple strips? One can only hope.

On the subject of Giveaways and Free Stuff I am pleased to announce for all your mommy vultures out there in search of freebies (and there are a surprisingly large number of you lot out there in cyberspace, oh yes indeedy), the PRs have responded to my demands for schwagiliciousness here at Crabmom. And you will be glad to know that we will soon be giving away quite a few high-end goodies for your totlets and momselves. So please, those of you for whom Dollar Store prizes aren't quite cutting it, pretend you like me, and come back for the schwwwwag. If you bookmark, it will come.

Last, rounding off the freebie theme, do visit the bloglet today and find out about free downloadable paper cuteness, and unbearably cute $3 paper Russian nesting dolls so adorable I almost want to eat them or pinch them or murder them with love.

And if I ate paper nesting dolls, that would turn me into a nesting doll too, now, wouldn't it?

Food for thought.

p.s. Stay tuned for new mini-series to debut here at Crabmommy as soon as I can pull myself together, hook up my wireless router, and stop blogging on the floor next to the cable socket, which is most unpleasant...When all is wired up and unwired and so forth here at Crabmommy in the Crabcity abode, you will see the launch of Grammarmama. Because for those of you who don't know, I once taught grammar courses entitled "Dude Where's My Comma?" And since so many of us have poorer grammar than our tots I thought myself uniquely qualified as both a grammar teacher and a mom to point you in the right direction. With my Grammarmama tips, designed specifically for the grammatically-challenged parent, you too will learn how to speak and write a little better than your kids. I hope. All syntax tips and punctuation examples will be themed to parenthood, and will incorporate words such as "spank" and "time out" and "bloody thankless job." Fun with words! Right here. I promise.

My Random Observations series will also return. Random Observations consists of musings from the household, incorporating such topics as the bounciness of bread containing flax. Forthcoming ruminations on homemaker trivia will include the blinding array of cracker brands at supermarkets. Back by popular demand, Random Observations will be renamed more succinctly, viz. Randomommy. Look out for it. And feel free to send me your own randomommy observations from the jungles of domesticity for the chance to GUEST-POST on Crabmom. Ooooooh!
crabmommy at gmail dot com


lace said...

Can't wait for the randomommy segments. Why is there such an array of crackers that it needs an entire aisle for them? I have alway wondered that. I do love choices but standing there all day can get rather tedious.

Oh and Yay! for Scwag!

and congrats to Alexis.

Anonymous said...

I'm stoked about Grammarama. This is coming from someone who once wrote a paper titled "I Wish I Were an Oscar Mayer Weiner: The Subjunctive Mood in the English Language."

Amanda said...

You will be a welcome guest-poster. I mean "would" be, WERE you to agree to it. After seeing an essay title like that, I know you will do right by us if/when you wear the Grammarmama hat.

Unknown said...

If you aren’t registered, you are wasting money… For all your freebie needs Register Now at

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just saw the mango flavored pineapple strips at the $1 store yesterday. WTF?! Whose brilliant idea was that, and what product development guru gave it the thumbs up?

I'm looking forward to the Grammarama. I once wrote a post called Fun with Grammar I listen to everyone with a mental red pen.

crabmommy said...

ilinap!! can't believe you too have mango-flavored pineapp strips at your DS!. fabulosity!
ok grammarmamas, prick up your ears. coming soon. plus actually-good swag too.

tonypark said...

Please Grammarmama, save us from the real estate agent's, the menu's, the restaurant's and even the signwriters'.

Connie said...

I can't wait for all of fun stuff you have planned! My husband is constantly correcting my grammar so I need help with that!

The mango flavored pineapple sounds odd to me. I avoid dollar stores at all costs. They smell funny to me. And wouldn't you know it....Ogden just got another one! That is the last thing they need here.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally psyched about Grammarama. Back in the day (late 80s) I could write a paper the night before it was due and get an A with nary a grammatical correction. Beer, raves, grad school, marriage, and a baby later, I no longer have that ability. In fact, I can barely compose a comment on a blog. I need your help. And like my toddler, I'd like to think I'm being entertained when I'm actually learning.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it.

skape7 said...

I can't wait for Grammarmama! I walked into work last week to find one of the other girls had printed out about thirty signs and scattered them all through the shop exclaiming we had "10% off all dinning table" ARRRRGGHH. I couldn't gather those things up and reprint them fast enough. Also, I got a bit caught up in other things, so I realise it's a little late and totally unrelated to this post, but here are my aussie autumn poems. I wrote haikus because I love the challenge of fitting what you want to say in such a short space. It's definately a challenge for me because I tend to go on a bit! Anyhoo...

Crisp apple-bite air
Drifts across the new-mown grass,
Yearning summer's heat.

And this one...

Dark hours stretch the morn
Into late comfortable warmth;
But don't wake me yet.

Hope you liked!