Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Positive Parenting

Can anyone say "she takes herself too seriously?" Even if it's only once a year, I can safely say that last post made me cringe.

Anyone would think I were running for president.
Against a witchy lady who would do anything to take me down.
Because I am incredibly good-looking and articulate.
And she is all peppery because she has a bad marriage.
But I shall prevail.
For I represent something of a post-racial solution to our country's ills.
And I am also incredibly good-looking and by God am I ever articulate.

Wait, who were we talking about again?

All this drama has got me thinking I'm bigger than I am... Anyhoo. Let's get out of earnest mode and back to what one usually finds here at Crabmommy: humble, tentative thoughts on parenting.

Here's something that happened recently. I thought it significant enough to warrant its own title:


Mom: Here are your peanuts.
Crabtot: Thank you, Mom. [pause] Mom?
Me: What?
Crabtot: You didn’t thank me for saying thank you.


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

who WAS that masked crabmom?! you certainly managed to even hurt me with that post... and that takes a lot, let me tell you!

yup. my son has chastised me for not saying "you're welcome", but never for forgetting to thank him for thanking me.

but yes, the whole positive parenting thing is annoying. what happened to smacking your child on their ass and sending them to their room?!

Anonymous said...

nice article...
thanks for sharing...:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.......

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Tracey said...

Okay, here's mine.

My kids, aged about 6 and 7, eating Cornflakes one morning, and my son (the 7-yr-old) says to me, 'Mom, what's oral sex?'

I gulp and say (going for the most obvious, given it's a boy asking), 'Well, darling, it's when a woman puts a man's penis in her mouth.'

And he looks at me disinterestedly and says, 'Oh, you mean, like, a blow job?'

Amanda said...

muriel--HI.LA.RIOUS! mofm, indeed the annul earnest post was peppery. being earnest in words makes me cringe but at the same time, I didn't say anything I don't believe...I have strong opinions on blogging, it's true, and I wanted to say 'em. Anyhoo, nuff said. I promise to return to chipper-tart mom mode henceforth!

Gray Matter Matters said...

Crabtot ROCKS!