Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blossoms and Stalactites

Last month, this is what I saw out of my window in Crabtown, and it was good:I truly loved this insane shelf of snow and ice. I wish I could convey to you how amazing and deep and wide it was. But while my photos aren't fab, I'd bet even a pro photographer couldn't have captured the absurd scale of this thing. It was like a sand dune. Only upside down. And made of, uh, snow. Okay, so that doesn't make sense. Maybe another picture will give more immediacy to the frosty 'tites teetering at the edge of my vision. Okay, so still inadequate to the sight itself. Anyhoo, this snow-ice-bedangled thing hung outside the window next to the table where I worked, begging me to stare at it and think on it. And so I did and I have, and here is my poem:

Oh! Giant white lip, how do you hang?
A mini-mount beneath the mountain
Such a prong! A veritable
Mega-beak of snow.
Your clinging bulk
Coldly keeps me company
Thawing the ice chest
of my heart's typical tundra.
Okay, does anyone know the Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend? If so, then you will recognize within my own humble efforts the ghost of a genius poem written by fictional British teen and aspiring poet Adrian, entitled "Norway." It has the best first line ever:
Norway, land of difficult spelling
And now that we have moved to Crabcity, the scene is a touch different. And it, too, is good. Very.Your spring, how does it hang? Shoot me your best weather description.

p.s. for those who entered the Dollar Store Preg-o test Giveaway the winner is Alexis. CONGRATULATIONS, Alexis. (Send me an email at crabmommy at gmail dot com and include your address. Very soon a pregnancy test will be winging its way towards you. Yay! Schuh-weet!)


Tracey said...

WOW! That is REALLY beautiful! It's hard to overlay scale on nature, it just doesn't compute in pics, but you've given a very good idea of it. I live in a Mediterranean climate and we had an unusual summer electrical thunderstorm earlier this year (it's on salma-gundi.blogspot.com if anyone's interested) but as much as I tried to describe it in words, it ended up being that 'you had to be there' thing. A pic, which would probably have helped, still wouldn't have caught the hugeness of it. Fortunately for us, we often ARE there when these fabulous phenomina present themselves for our viewing pleasure!

Tracey said...

Oops. Phenomena. Sorry.

Alexis said...

I'm a winner! A winner!
I wish my spring landscape were so inspiring. In my neck of the woods, 5-8 inches of snow are predicted for tomorrow and the birds, the trees, and myself are ready for some legit spring weather! The trees are still bare, the grass brown, and a sheet of ice still clings to the area lakes. Only the Mississippi seems to have thawed, but you can bet it's damned cold.

I'll send you my address now!

Alexis said...

I should add that I hope I don't have need to confirm the accuracy of the dollar store test anytime soon. I have my hands full with a 3-month-old as it is.
Great photos, btw.

tonypark said...

Well, here downunder in Australia it's now autumn (or fall to y'all) and the weather is disappointing.

Mrs Blog and I got back from Africa in early Feb, looking forward to the tail end of a fine and dry Sydney summer. Instead, we got 21 days of rain out of 22.

Autumn (fall) is supposed to be cool, crisp, sunny and dry. It rained all last week.

When I first heard about global warming I was (secretly) looking forward to it. I was thinking sweet, dude, higher temps, more beach time. Little did I know that our wet winters and dry summers would turn into wet summers and wet winters, and zero beach time.

So now I'm like, say No to CO2 (except for CO2 fire extinguishers which used to be really cool for fast-chilling cans of beer).

tonypark said...

Muriel, I love how you self edit (and how you edit me - thanks again).

Ilina said...

I love snow and ice in concept only. Ten years in the midwest gave me a lifetime's share of blizzard beauty. Now all my boys yearn for is a bit of snow that we rarely, if ever, get in North Carolina!

And by the way, you've been tagged by Dirt & Noise! Check out http://dirtandnoise.com to play!

Anonymous said...

What an enchanting picture of A! We miss her (and you) tremendously! Welcome back to the big city! Out of everything, I was most excited to have REAL mail delivery again! Hugs to all!

skape7 said...

I'm totally going to make an autumn poem from down under for you.

LOL @ tonypark for fast chilling cans of beer with a CO2 fire extinguisher. Mate, that's about as Aussie as an Aussie bloke can get.

TwoHeadedMommy said...


It is me twoheadedmommy, it occurred to me that your Dogwood Tree is looking significantly like the 4 adorning my lawn at the moment. I think we might be neighbors (at least regionally speaking). I am mommy@twoheadedmommy.com
I will tell you mine (location)
if you tell me yours.

Anonymous said...

Those snow and ice pictures just sent a shiver down my spine, I think I'm going to have to go and layer with a jacket :)