Friday, February 20, 2009

Goop OFF! African Wisdom from Gwynnie

I know I promised regular GOOP analyses but I'm behind by several GOOPy bulletins. Alas, it's hard to keep up with Gwyneth! She's got such a work ethic with those newsletters of hers.

Since talking about her favorite rock-star hotels to not recommend to you and her fave NYC restaurants that you won't get into, she's been super-busy in the kitchen cooking things you can't afford, like oysters in champagne sauce and things drowning in something called agave syrup (I haven't a clue what that is but I suspect it's heaps pricier than good old refined sugar, which makes Gwyn "cringe").

But in all fairness Gwyn's latest newsletters have been a bit more useful. Maybe one of her chums told her she needs to get plebbier and less condescending if she wants to become a lifestyle guru. So she's working harder to reach the lower echelons and to help us uplift ourselves. And uplifted I definitely feel after tucking into some Gwynnie prose!

When not devouring Dostoyevsky and Chekhov, Gwyn is either cooking or scrutinizing her inner aspect in compelling new ways. Indeed, this past month she's taught me how to eat an artichoke, how to make a bowl of peas (that's the rustic plebby part; they go with meatballs) and she's also taught me, via one of her gurus, that one's sense of well-being is enhanced when one practices the African art of "ubuntu," a word denoting a heightened sense of our shared humanity.

As one born and raised in South Africa where ubuntu was invented, I feel pleased knowing that Gwynnie is herself tapping into her inner township mama and getting into the vibe of community consciousness. I assume I can now camp out on the lawn of her Hamptons estate this summer and I look forward to it with every inch of my inner aspect. Enkosi gakulu, sisi! (That's "thanks, sister!" in Xhosa!)

Meantime, the Crabfam has expanded our own sense of community consciousness: we're sharing our home with three new friends! Yay!


tonypark said...

Awesome. Pap and sheba at Gwynnies.

Nice way of linking into your professional bloglet, by the way. Quite the litte cliffhanger (crabhanger?) at the end there.

Amanda said...

yes, tony. appalling to think it has come to this: cliffhangers involving...guppies. ok the fish is out of the bag. guppies it is.

Anonymous said...

I was quite liking her on Oprah last week, UNTIL she said her GINORMOUS steamer was her favorite kitchen appliance. I think Oprah wanted to slap her --> skinny cow!

foolery said...

I was sent here. Told you had great things to say about Gwynnie. Oh yes, you do. : )

I just learned about Goop and parodied her front page today, but I can see I have only scratched the surface. Looks like I have some reading to do!

helen's investment policy statement said...

LOL. Love it when you dig into Goop with them crab claws.