Monday, February 16, 2009

Domestic Diss! Results Are In

The results of my first ever Crabmommy Domestic Diss poll are in. It was a tight contest with "cleaning the microwave ceiling" and "searching for the right Tupperware lid" going neck and neck to be ranked as most annoying domestic chore.

In a winning bid, 27% of you chose "looking for the right bloody Tupps lid" as the thing that bugs you most in my list of choices, while 20% of you chose "cleaning the ceiling of the micro." My personal bĂȘte noire, "removing a hair from the kitchen sponge" came in close to the bottom, taking in a lower but still noble 15% of your votes.

I'm so digging this poll format and thrilled with myself that I managed to crack the technology to get such a thing onto my blog. Just call me a tech genius because clearly I am.

I plan to make a regular thing out of Domestic Diss, but I need your input people. What things bug you most around the house? What tiny domestic details send you round the twist when it comes to cleaning/cooking/child-rearing/errand-running and so forth?



tonypark said...

1. Replacing toilet roll on holder after spouse has used the last of it and not reloaded.

2. Finding cotton buds that have been used to clean ears but not disposed of.

3. Unclogging sink/bath drains of accumulated hair.

(I wish I'd voted now, as I'm with you on the hair on sponge thing).

Lina said...

I'll see tony's Q-tips and raise you dental floss!

daniel kuntschik said...

Cleaning the fridge and finding the disgusting things lurking in the back. Mine isn't no frost, so scraping icebergs off the freezer compartment is also awful.
Removing hubby and kid's sweaters and coats from the dining room chairs which they seem to think is the right place to leave them when we have a perfectly good place to hang them in the mud room.

Anonymous said...

Picking toenail clippings out of the bathmat makes me retch.

crabmommy said...

Sheyl Y Daniel,
Totally with you on the coats.
kelly, why, I LOVE picking toenail clippings off bathmats!! How strange you don't love that one...