Monday, February 9, 2009

Domestic Diss!

Let's take a poll, shall we, for those of us who find ourselves frequently mired in housework.
And if you're looking for something sweeter today, see me confess to my OUTRAGEOUSLY EMBARRASSING AND SCHLOCKY crush here. I know, I know.


Genevieve said...

CM-I have never endured a crush quite like him either. He is perfection.

Anonymous said...

i'm going with "other". my "other" is doing the dishes after my husband has piled ALL the dirty, let me rephrase that, precariously perched large dishes atop glass cups in the sink. throw in a few knives (blades up of course) and i am positive that some days he is trying to kill me while making it look like an unfortunate domestic accident. "well, if she had just kept a clean house this never would have happened. tsk tsk"

Suz Broughton said...

You nailed this list.

Seminole Sitters, LLC said...

I chose looking for the right Tupperware lid. And I especially love when I find the right match, but it won't close on one corner because it's been warped in the microwave. ARGH!

Lesterose said...

dishes & recycling:the dishwasher is located NEXT to the sink FOR A REASON, how hard is it to rinse something off & put it in the dishwasher, also my love will not accept that we don't have our parents' high powered dishwasher & believes our underachieving one gets the dishes clean even though he refuses to rinse stuff off first,he doesn't unload & re-clean (but of course he doesn't load the dishwasher either so the dishwasher fairy must do it) since he can't make the half turn to put a spoon in he certainly can't make the trek out to the recycling bin, it's outside for the love of Pete! But, I wouldn't trade him for the world or even Eddie Vedder!

crabmommy said...

I know this problem well too. My own partner is very adept at neatly stacking giant loads of dirty dishes, cups nested within other, stickier cups, until the whole ensemble teeters in one, neat food-gummed tower within the sink--easy on the eyes, hard on the one who actually has to clean them.
Seminole Sitters, Ah yes, the bent tupp-lid corner! Isn't it a sublime sight?
Oh, and my word verification for today? UNMETHY. ha!