Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If there's one thing I feel really awesome about during a recession it's the fact that both Crabhubby and I went to graduate school. Because when you're picking up that unemployment check at least you can say to yourself, "I went to graduate school." And then you get a little hit of superiority in spite of the paltry check. Because you learned a bunch of things at graduate school. Including some very big words. Polysyllabic configurations, as it happens. And no one can take that away from you.

Okay, so I'm not making a whole big heap of sense up there. Let's just say the Crabfam is getting jumpier than a Mexican jumping bean on crack about our various jobs. And sadly our rainy day fund (Crabtot's piggy bank) already got raided by me when she was a newborn. Our darling NYC landlords gave Crabtot a piggy bank when she was born and put money in it. I stole $20 of the $40 dollars in there for pizza. I intended to pay it back. Never did. I'm an appalling mother, I know. Bite me.

On a chirpier note, let's talk about cupcakes. Shall we talk about cupcakes? I WANT TO TALK ABOUT CUPCAKES. Or, specifically, cupcake apparel. I mean, cupcake ornamentation. Accessories. Indeed, it's a cuptastic extravaganza over here. Do you see these ridiculously cute tulip cupcake liners? Are they not fewking excellent? I found these and other vintage cheapo fantabulous party treasures at my fave site. You know the one. More on that if you go to this place. Get 'em and get some cutely re-usable recession-fabulous toppers too. I found some very Amy Sedaris-y examples for your delectation, and they truly are perf for both your kiddie party and your grownie Oscar bashes.

Speak to me. About cupcakes. About recessions. About your dream last night. I need to hear about someone else's life today.


Daisy said...

Polysyllabic whatsits? Yeah, me, too. My mom calls me (and her husband, too) "overeducated." It's okay; she has two bachelor's degrees and can zip through the crossword in pen with no errors.

tonypark said...

You can't win an recession.

I got a (quite fabulous) gig last year to write a book for St Martin's press in the US with a guy in South Africa who has an amazing way of working with lions.

While writing, the Global Financial Crisis caused the Australian dollar to drop 33 per cent agains the US dollar (no one really knows why, especially since it was y'all who caused the crisis).

On the upside for me, that suddenly meant my fee (payable in US dollars) was worth 33 per cent more in Aussie dollars.

On the downside, I then got an email from the US publisher telling me I had to pay 30 per cent tax. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

tonypark said...

Forgive the typos. I dropped out of university.

Amanda said...

That is ridiculous. And totally not funny. And very very funny. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I need to raid the rest of my kid's piggybank so I can buy some cupcakes.

Thanks for that.

Little Lovables said...

I love me some cupcakes too.

I make tons, hide them in the laundry room and sneak them during the day when I am going nuts from screaming kids.

Helps calm a woman down;)

the mama bird diaries said...

cupcakes do brighten a recession.

Alexis said...

Cupcakes are great, but I can't be bothered with making frosting. Peanut butter cookies are my recession treat of choice. You get your protein credit built right in!
Our recession blues might be somewhat delayed. The husband has contract-based work at the moment (thank goodness he has a PhD!), which could end as soon as June. The only ray of hope is that some of his research income comes from the UN, which is slightly more recession-proof than your average American land grant university at the moment.
Time to make pb cookies...