Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Please keep the Domestic Diss suggestions coming, friends.

And for pithier news...yes, I have an opinion on the octuplet mom. I think we should totally support her. After all, every in vitro egg is still a human life on this, God's planet, and she doesn't need our judgment; she needs our compassion. Pus, why shouldn't she as a single mom have the same child-bearing rights we couples do?

Yeah, riiiiii-ight.

Lady is a freak, a menace, a disgrace. her kids should be taken away by Child Services. She is an unfit mother. I yak about it here and also point you to a most astonishing photo of her preggy balloon-belly. YEESH!

But you have to click on those sneaky links, my peoples, 'cuz I needs yo' traffique. AREN'T WE ALL SO DANG SICK OF HEARING ME SAY THAT? Ooosh! I am so disgusted by my own self. (But, apparently, as always, not disgusted enough...)


Anonymous said...

She is a freak, but I can't help but think the kiddos would be better off with their 'own' freak rather than a 'foster' freak. AND it would cost less money to keep them with her than to farm them out.

We could help each other with traffic!

The Mother said...

We could all use the traffic. My rant on the octuplet mom.

I'll click on yours if you click on mine.

Lawyer Mom said...

Hi Crabmommy. Thanks for stopping by. Glad I found you, too. I share your irritation with this book-dealing, IVF-wheeling mom. Peggy Noonan wrote a great piece about her in the WSJ. "Octomom" I think it's called. You'd like it.

Little Lovables said...

I totally agree!! So sad really... and to think she wants to be some sort of a psychologist....

Superlativity said...

How can she be a good mother if she can't afford to raise her kids? Shouldn't she have at least finished her Master's degree and obtained employment first? And she claims she had an unhappy childhood, but the psychiatrists say that, by her own previous accounts, her childhood was fine. So now CA taxpayers have to pay for her kids? Not cool.