Thursday, February 19, 2009

Magnetic Poetry for Blogs

I was never big into magnetic poetry. I liked it well enough when it first came out in the 80s but after I had it sitting on my fridge for a year, making pretentious undergraduate whiffle about clouds and other ephemera, it plum got on my tits and I got rid of it.

But I rather dig this silly site called Feed it your url and it turns your site into a sort of instant magnetic poetry. Check it:I love how this represents the Crabmommy in mostly accurate ways, though I definitely think "diss" should be bigger than "domestic" in my word picture. I do enjoy how "bloody" and "piggy" sit next to each other and I like that some of my fave words/most pronounced personal traits have indeed made it into the wordmap of my head; i.e., "appalling and "cheapo." I also like the placement of "disgusted" adjacent to "chirpier"(though "disgusted" is bigger and RIGHTLY SO)! Ditto "born astonishing." Why thank you very much, wordle, my friend. Perhaps my most favorite is the random "Amy" that appeared every time I did versions of this picture.

Go check it out:

What does yours say about you?


Anonymous said...

I did mine last week as well!

I think the BIGGEST word was 'JUST.' Hmmm ...

'Gum' was up there too.

Let me see if I can find the link for you:

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I like the vaccination badge. I can't figure out how to put on my facebook page. Any thoughts?

Superlativity said...

Hey Crabmommy, just wanted to say hi, since for some reason I no longer receive your subscriptions on Shine. Thanks for the wordle info!

Amanda said...

Hey Superlativity,
Yeah, I dunno what gives w/Shine and the Cookie feed. One of the Cookie pieces was up yesterday after several weeks of is all most mysterious and I can never quite figure out how it all works. Thanks for stopping by.
Boss of You: I find FB most tricky to use, even though I'm a tech genius. Email the vaccination people. I'm sure they'd be delighted to help with that one.
MK: "Just" appeared in several of my wordle configurations too...Maybe it thinks of the word as an adjective and sees us as very fair and right-minded bloggers instead of understanding how we really use "just"-- as a loose adverb to add emphasis to just about everything.

ZoesMom said...

Wordle is awesome! Thanks for the post. Created mine this morning when I should be working. Oops.

transporte de carro said...

thanks for the tip, loving wordle!