Thursday, January 15, 2009


Newsflash! We interrupt yesterday's long and serious Crabmommy post on manners (but please read it! It took me bloody ages!) to bring you the latest bulletin from GOOPy Gwyn Paltrow. This week she salutes New York City, and gives us awesome tips for where to dine and stay when you have no money and no connections to Mario Batali! Here's my fave rec from the NYC newsletter:

The Bowery Hotel
The Bowery has been one of my homes-away-from-home in the last year. It is a very cool spot, with the people to match. As it is located on Bowery I wouldn't recommend it to the Park Avenue set, but my English rock star friends can’t get enough of it.
Good to know, Gwynnie-pops! Super-useful, as always. Now all the reader has to do is ask, Am I in "the Park Avenue set" or am I a rock star? Hmmmm...

Next week's GOOP: "Some of my closest friends and I will be sharing our favorite novels." I expect we'll be hearing Madonna discourse on Middlemarch. I can't wait!


Charlotte said...

Can't wait for the book reviews! Please would you point them out when they happen as I actually physically cannot visit Goop - I just like mocking it from a distance.

Loved the post on manners, by the way. I am the tough-on-manners mama in my corner of Germany.

The Boss of You said...

For a truly annoying experience, check out PBS's new food/travel series 'Spain... on the Road' featuring your beloved Gwynny:

Watching her pretend to enjoy food and wine with the likes of voluptuaries like Mark Bittmann and Mario Batali. She's is not nearly as lovely as the other female cast member, the attractive Spanish actress Claudia Bassols.

Anonymous said...

I just read an interesting commentary on Goop in the Canadian Magazine MacLean's: "[Paltrow's] inspirational hectoring is 'Zen for Dummies'".

foolery said...

I've been leaning toward "rock star" for several years, but if I get down to brass tacks I think maybe "Park Avenue" describes me better.

Darn. No Bowery Hotel for me.