Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4 and Top Tips for a "Safety First" Summer

Happy 4 July, Crabfriends. I am always filled with benevolence and optimism on this day, and this year I forgot my habitual disdain for Crabtown and felt a citizen's pride in the local parade.

As the cowboys clip-clopped down the street, the dude ranchhands tossed candy to the townsfolk, and the local Crabtown beauty queens did that weird half-wave from their chariots, Crabmommy, Crabtot, and Crabhub clapped and cheered. Tot, however, did not enjoy it when a friend atop a Framer's Market float recognized her and they heaved us up onto their cart to help them toss corn to the masses. She sobbed and begged to get off and did not want to be separated from her dad on the pavement (so much for Independence Day). Participating in the summer harvest celebrations just isn't her bag. In spite of a childhood spent amid nature's bounty, she hasn't forgotten that she was born in Manhattan... Indeed she really didn't enjoy pretending to be a farmer, even for a day. Those ears of corn and boys in suspenders sent her into a serious downward spiral.

May you all enjoy yourselves today and may your children be less peevish than mine. If it's as hot today where you are as it is here, please do not hesitate to hotclick it over to you-know-where for some smashing tips on summer safety. Enjoy! Responsibly, I mean. Now off you go and read it. I may just save your life today.


Leann I Am said...

I get the feeling that YOUR crabtot and MY 4YO would get along nicely. However, maybe not...since MY 4YO claims she doesn't 'like people.'

I was the same way. Does anyone make you feel bad that your child isn't social? Some of us just aren't born that way. The 'supermommies' out and about LOVE to point that out!

I SO did not mean to make that rhyme!

Anonymous said...

I hope you were able to put your feet up and have a nice 4th of july evening! Maybe a cocktail or 2??
Love your blog... you make me laugh out loud ALL the time!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls