Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FREE STUFF: July's Momspit Giveaway...and Crabmom Apologizes

In the interests of removing my lame post of yesterday from the main page, I'm going to Momspit again on a fresh post (but I'll take all of the previous post's comment competition entries into account for final drawing, don't worry).

First: I am sorry if I offended with my attempts to be funny yesterday. For the record, I am not xenophobic and I have nothing against Mexicans or Eastern Europeans in Crabtown. Far from it. Sometimes one's attempts at irony do not go over. Sometimes one's attempts at comedy are not funny. It was a weak post. And I am sorry for that.

Now let's get back to Momspit: For once, the free stuff on this site is yummy. At the Momspitdotcom website you can read all about how to remove your toddler's gamey smells and make him smell, instead, like a fig or a cup of green tea, thanks to the good mommies who invented this no-wash cleanser which is "inspired by the original" [spit of a mom]. If you'd like to own some Momspit, put your name forward and we shall have a drawing in the next days. The folks at Momspit are promising 3 bottles, one a giant size, the other 2 each flavored in green tea&fig or lemon&white tea, respectively. There is also the no-scent option. As in, scented exactly like...Momspit.

Put your name in the hat, people!


info@thebabymarketplace.com said...

My MIL is a mennonite from Stienbach Manitoba, there's some Ukrainian in the family, I once went to Tijuana. Can I have the momspit?

grunnio corocotta said...

been thinking about it ... 'MomSpit' scans better, admittedly, but in my experience it was always GrandmaSpit, and it was always a little frightening.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Crabmommy, I think you're wrong to apologize. It's pretty clear that in fact your satire is directed at the entire scene in Crabtown and at the rich white people there more than anyone. If one were to take a tiny amount of time to read where your posts largely satirize the over-achieving bourgeois of the parenting set, that would become painfully obvious. More to the point, your portrayal of the Eastern European Summer job-seekers hardly seems to promote ethnic stereotyping -- they actually seem much like any sullen American teenagers.

Personally, I think that Gabe, the commentator who has taken it upon himself to advocate for Eastern Europeans and Mexicans alike in your previous thread, gives "Eastern liberals" a pretty bad name. In fact I wonder if he sees the racism inherent in his defense of Mexicans. This is cultural theory 101, Gabe: by speaking for Mexicans you are usurping their authority to speak for themselves. In other words, you are saying in effect, "these poor people need to be defended from you, and since they are not competent or articulate enough to defend themselves, I guess I'm going to have to step in and do it for them."

Victoria said...

I just found your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying it! Sign me up for some momspit!

skape7 said...

HAHHAHA - Momspit - I love it! I clearly remember my mum doing that to me and not being a fan of it at all, so now I get my toddler to spit on the tissue. Will you ship the Momspit to me if I win?