Friday, June 29, 2007

Something's Strangely Not Going Down...For Once

I discovered the following very tranquil photograph, of our neighboring Somethin's Going Down compound, in my photo album, and dear God, luddite that I am, I even managed to crop it to my satisfaction.
As you can see, a full panorama of the various corners of Crab-cowboy-compound. Many cars, but no goats nor cowboys evident. A rare motionless vista of the lodge and its attendant sleep can't really see all the mobile homes, but this is still quite a good slice of Crabcorner architecture and parkitecture.

I believe the image may, however, be deceiving. If I recall, I was trying to get a shot of the man sleeping in that brown car. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I don't think it's even possible for there NOT to be something strange down at that place. It just stinks of it, you know (even though the computer)!

You really never fail to crack me up! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

Karen Stead Baigrie said...

I had always hoped for a visual on that one and it is better (worse!) than I expected. Crabmommy how did you find yourself in this strange and amazing place? Here in Brooklyn we have similar characters but they deal drugs too and the air smells in the summer so I think you are better of in crabtown.

Leann I Am said...

I LOVE your neighborhood! You couldn't zoom in on the dude sleeping in the car? Either way, it's a terrific visual!!! THANKS!

Where we live, it's not so many houses like this, but amazingly disguised METH LABS instead!

I'd go for YOUR neighbors ANY DAY!

grunnio corocotta said...

Weepingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you all love Crabcorner as much as I do. You have no idea how weepingly beautiful it is to see the actual thing in the flesh, as it were. I would indeed take these guys any day over any neighbors the world over. That this is considered the "dodgy" side of town -- yet that property still costs, oh, 800K-1mill if not more -- is an amusing point of interest in an otherwise weepingly boring town.