Friday, June 22, 2007


OK, I know I said I was far away engaged in cooking and debauchery. But apparently I am still here. And I know I said I was going to make my next posts all about momming and kids. But I was lying. Still, even if you are annoyed by me, go here. It is parent-related. It is also bloody plain funny. And relates very much to all of us who just can't leave our multimedia lives the point where we have no lives left. Okay. Off to get a life. So she says.


Jege (Jen) said...

Right on! I loves me a computer that's a big-ass table.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Added a new value add to my blog this weekend - a news widget from I always wanted to show latest news for my keywords in my sidebar. It was very easy with this widget. Just a small copy paste and it was done. Great indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hi widget-guy. I am so glad you enjoy Crabmommy enough to share your widget wisdom with us. I feel very special as the author of this blog that you have selected ME to receive your wise widgety words. I am just thrilled this widgetyness has added new value to your blog and is getting you so many hits. Why is it that I suspect you might own Because I am a cynical crabbymother. Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I am witless and that you have true non-vested interests in news widgets. If so, sorry. Go with God. May he have a widget to watch over you where'er you so roam. Cheers!