Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I received an overwhelming response to the Croakies sunglass accessory giveaway last month, and so, I'm doing it again, friends.

Crabmommy gives and gives and keeps on giving. Actually, the person who really does that is my good friend Mommyknows who hands out coveted goods online all the time, like today's wooden puzzle. And her stuff is dang fine. Although perhaps not as fine as the following item:Yes, after a number of you expressed interest in the Cougar Fund baseball cap I received as part of my Teacher Appreciation Package, I decided what the heck, let's just go and be generous already. And so, thanks to my friend A of A&A, you see Crabmommy modeling it as above, and therefore you know exactly what you're getting, as well as what a great back-of-head I have.

And how do you win this treasure?

Try to guess where Crabmommy is going tomorrow. Yes, C-mom is going away for a week with Crabgrandpa. Sans tot. Or poor long-suffering Crabhusband.

The clues are as follows:
a place where resides a Teddy Bear Museum
A place where resides many blind masseurs
A place where resides a split between north and south
A place with an island off it where occurs a festival of pop songs involving sea bream (hey, I'm just getting this from the web)
A place where on said island occurs a tradition of women-only scuba diving.

The floor is open for exactly one week. I will try to report from my mystery destination (and in a mysterious way, so as not to give away my locale) but in case I am too busy examining teddy bears, feel free to enter your best guesses in my absence. On my return, Crabtot and I will put correct answers into the cougar cap and make the final call.

Meantime, if you are not satisfied by my brief postings, do visit my Cookie bloglet where, thanks to a nifty feature of Typepad (hear that, Blogger?) one can post-date blogs...so while I am in the teddy bear museum my Cookie readership thinks I have just returned from another playground jaunt with Crabtot. Cheating, yes, but convenient.

Also, I recommend for my South African friends in particular to visit the weirdship of Mahendra's Ties, a website exclusively devoted to the logging and blogging about a Souf-Effrican TV anchor's sartorial choices. Americans may also freely venture over to MT to broaden their cultural horizons too.

Looking forward to picking the winner of my cougar cap. Watch this space and wish the Crabmommy a pleasant journey as she speeds far, far away from Crabtown, to...?


info@thebabymarketplace.com said...


happyadoptingmom said...

south Carolina

LizLSB said...

Off-topic, but can you please point me to the directions for the tampon weiner? I'm throwing a hysterectomy party for myself, and want to make them for the centerpiece. I think I saw the directions before, but can't find them now.

And I have no idea where you are going, but would guess somewhere in southern California.

Villagepig said...

YAY!! I WON the last contest people, this chick sooooooooooooo follows through :-)

Thanks crab mommy and crab tot (for choosing me)

p.s. I know where crabville is!

Inky Ink Inc. said...

Dang! I was going to say Ohio? It's not Ohio, is it? San Diego? How about... Staten Island? Heck, I just ain't no go at this here sort of thing.

Jege (Jen) said...

Definitely Korea.

Amanda said...

I am still in my travel zone, but internet has been a problem and the foreign characs on my keyboard are making it tricky to post an update. Rest assured I am in good health and am planning to post immediately upon my return at the end of the week. Do not desert me. I am far from yaou but with you in spirit. Prizes awarded on return. Hint: not San Diego. Adieu. Gamsa hamnida. And Liz, as for tampon wiener instructions, here they are in 4 steps: Remove tampon from paper and pull string; attach play doh ears (pinched); draw eyes and ears with sharpie; use match sticks for legs. (Earbuds would make good alternative.) And bravo! Tampon white wiener just like Crabtot's Gammy's!

LizLSB said...

OK, after the gamsa hamnida, now I'm thinking it must be Korea, too. Unusual vacation spot!