Friday, June 22, 2007

Korean Robot Emcees Wedding

Yet another reason to love Korea.

And by the way, please be patient for more mommy musings. I am away AGAIN this weekend celebrating Crabubby's 40th birthday weekend. We are meeting up with Crabhub friends and family and C-Mom is cooking her tail off to ensure good noshing for the Crabhub, WHILE, also keeping C-tot out of his hair for one weekend. Yes, I am an ubermommy. Once in a while.

So yes, away from the blog, but C-Mom rants will begin in earnest again next week. While I have GREAT NEW DEVELOPMENTS regarding the cowboy compound and much more silly science on the blogbackburner, I am going to force myself to return to literal Crabmommying in my next writings: I have a slew of complaints and quips regarding tot-rearing and other tot-rearers. Happy weekend...and please do go to the bloglet for more in the interim. I know I say this a lot. But maybe I should just say it again one more time. Please do go to the bloglet for more in the interim.

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