Friday, September 19, 2008

Halloween Craftacular!

AUCTION HAS ENDED. The winner is DOULAMOMMA. This one's for Stephanie.
Double-win in this auction. Crafter's take note! Up for grabs is one of Mabel's Labels' fantastic Crafter Packs, which includes 49 labels for the crafter who likes to know where her bobbins are. Labels are printed on red with white writing, and cover a range of supplies, from "adhesives" to "soap-making" to "stickers," "yarn," and "scrapbooking." More on the Crafter Labels here. Paired perfectly with these labels is a donation of delectable Halloween fabric from my lovely friend Dina over at Spiceberry Cottage, which is the all-time most delicious name for a store, I'm sure you'd agree. This stash consists of Sandy Gervais Pumpkins Gone Wild fabric squares. Not your average stack of pumpkins, these guys are adorned with dots, stripes, plaids, and are wearing hats and making faces behind our backs. The pack includes 45 5" fabric squares, 100% cotton. Each square is of a different print from this fabric collection. You can see everything you're getting here. So, crafty peeps, what will you make with these? An adorable patchwork costume for a scarecrow, perhaps? Or if you're an eco-mommy, dispense with all those pre-wrapped Halloween treats and bundle yours up in one of these fabric squares. Many spooktacular uses. I can't believe I just said "spooktacular," but I guess I did. Another word about Spiceberry Cottage: Dina has all sorts of fabulous fabrics, from the Heather Bailey stuff you crafters adore to Japanese vintage fabrics, Michael Miller etc. etc. She's a generous lady; please visit her lovely shop.

Generously donated by Mabel's Labels and Spiceberry Cottage.*

Retail value: $19.50. Bidding starts at $10. Don't know how to bid? Check bidding rules. Scroll for more live auctions! Fabulous artwork and nursing gear below. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Me a crafter??!!! Bwah ha ha. But this would be a perfect present for my sister-in-law.

cami said...


DoulaMomma said...

$30...perfect gift for my dear friend

Crabmommy said...

$30 says it's sold to doulamomma! Doulamomma, I will be in touch.

Anonymous said...

It's coming to that celebration time of year again. one of my favorite times - Halloween.