Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eat It Up: Baby's a Fall Apple

When Crabtot was but a bitty thing, I dressed her as a tomato for Halloween and went to undue never-to-be-repeated lengths to make her a tomato hat. That's because I hadn't yet found my friend Adrienne Kinsella, whose Etsylicious crocheted hats are too sweet for speech! Check out "Little Apple," and consider dressing your babe as one for Halloween. Can you stand the cuteness? Because I can't. The apple hat is sized for a 0-3 month old, and is made from 100% cotton yarn. Hand wash cold, in mild detergent; lay flat to dry. No newborns in your house? Snap the apple up anyway. Not only is it for a good cause, but you'll have something in reserve for the next baby shower, and this way, you can ignore that dull and pesky registry and go handmade instead.

*Generously donated by Adrienne Kinsella.*

Retail value: $17.50. Bidding starts at $10. Don't know how to bid? Check the rules.