Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bidding Rules

1. Place your bid in the comments; include an email or other method of contact. *Note for those of you who don't have Google/Blogger IDs: don't go thru the hassle of signing up for all that. Just check the "anonymous bid" box and then put your name into text instead, or an email contact or something. Bid in whole dollar increments, por favor. Check back often and raise your bid if you want to.
2. I'll announce the winner at the top of the post when the auction ends.
3. I will contact the winner. Winner will then pay into the appropriate PayPal account, details of which can be found below.
4.Winner must fwd receipt of PayPal payment into designated fund to me at crabmommy[at]gmail[dot]com. I will then contact the sponsor and put the winner in touch, so you can give your address & color/size prefs where appropriate. Then you'll get your lovely prize.
5. If you don't win, consider donating to Carol's and Stephanie's PayPal accounts or hosting your own auction. For Stephanie's PayPal fund details, go here. For Carol's PayPal fund, go here.

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