Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Shower Present Perfection:

AUCTION HAS ENDED. The winner is PAWZPLAY. (I'll be in touch, pawz). This one's for Carol.

Please can we seriously ignore those pesky baby registries and get such lovely one-of-a-kinds as this combo-stash for our new mom friend instead? The always generous lassies at Momspit are offering for this bid 2 bottles of their delightful no-rinse cleanser (7 oz. and 2oz). Momspit: it's inspired by the original! It's also a fabulous cleaner-upper for the tot's chocolate milk mustache or grubby digits, and the winner here gets to pick from 3 options: lemon&white tea, fig&green tea, and unscented if you're quite weird and don't like lovely smells. Also up for grabs, the lovely Leigh of Least Likely 2 Breed is offering her amusingly named Bad Ass Booty Balm, a diaper cream containing more than just a witty name: with such ingredients as chamomile, zinc oxide and something exotically named emu oil, you can be sure this balm is more than mere sassy packaging. I should mention that it also contains
Helichrysum Essential Oil, a crazy expensive oil with very strong anti-inflammatory properties. And I'd like to add that Leigh came to me courtesy of my favorite parenting site, Offsprung. A fun and funny place to hang if you're up late at night with a breastfeeding babe. Hey, Sarah Palin should come too! Sarah, you belong with us. Not in the White House...k?

*Generously donated by Momspit and Least Likely 2 Breed.*

Combined retail value: $27. Bidding starts at $10. Don't know how to bid? Check bidding rules. Scroll for more live auctions!


Wynnster said...


Us Lochers said...

I'll bid $15.

Us Lochers said...

That was weird.

Crabmommy said...

us lochers, we appreciate a spot of weirdness here at Crabmommy. Your bid reminded me of my sister when we went to Kenya. She got confused by the currency and the bidding process when bargaining at a market for fabric, and basically the seller said: "10 shillings!" And she said, "I'll give you 12!" :)

Unknown said...

christyvaughan @ gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I keep having problems with the sign up so not very anonymously I'll bid $30. Nancy

Anonymous said...


pawzplay (insert at) gmail (dot) com

Crabmommy said...

sold to pawzplay for $35! Well done! I'll be in touch.