Monday, October 8, 2007

Silly Stuff: Pessimistic Fortune last!

A Crabmommy has to love and share this piece, on one Wonton Food, which is distributing grim cookie fortunes in restaurants as we speak. No more "this is your lucky day." Now the fortune cookie forecasts gloom.

Spread the negativity, I say! Reality bites.

Have a good week. Because the weekend, it's not going to be good. Something embarrassing is going to happen to you...(Fortunes of Crabmommy, coming soon to a blog near you).

p.s. New post on Wednesday at the bloglet. I'm tackling toddler swim lessons. Again. And if you didn't see my extraordinary Hello Kitty tot bday cupcakes, then shame on you. The one time when Crabmommy rises to the occasion. Go and pay homage, right now, right here.


Deef Fourjay. said...

Bookmarking you. Fascinating stuff for those of us yet to explore our feminine, much less,mommy-ish side.

Bizarrely, because you turned up on one of my AdSense ads...

Jege (Jen) said...

This is awesome!! For years my sisters and I have talked of making our own evil fortune cookies, with messages like:

"you will die today"

"those pants make your ass look huge"

"your husband is downtown drinking with another woman"

Crabmommy said...

Deef! Welcome. Crabmommy loves the boys. Adsense is working.
Jege, sounds like you could still do your own business. The fortunes in question still seem too oblique and careful. I prefer my fortunes direct and specific, viz. "You look terrible in low-waisted jeans. Hide your mom-flap!" Do 'em. I'll buy 'em.

Mamma Sarah said...

Evil fortune cookies... hmmmm... i know they make those giant ones with proposal messages in them, but you all could be on to something. :-D

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

I am SO into the pessimistic fortune cookies... actually, I'm into the pessimistic ANYTHING. Look forward to it! :)