Monday, October 8, 2007

OK, Enough About The Bloody Birthday Already!

I am waylaid by a sake-inflected hangover today. It is quite rare for me to go out to dinner and quite rare for me to imbibe delicious drinks from the Orient (just kidding, guys!!! Gabe, keep your pants on!). Quite rare for me to imbibe delicious drinks from Japan. If I could have my way I would drown in a vat of sake and sushi once weekly. Instead, the annual Crabparents' night out happens, well, sort of annually. And it was delicious. And it was great. And I felt like a grownup. But one must watch the sake at high altitude. Especially when one has never been a very good drinker. Or much of a drinker at all.


This means I'm a bit too foggy to properly blog. But if you want to know allllll about Crabtot's third birthday and see photographs of my insanely craftastic Hello Kitty cupcakes, as well as read a monologue about how the Crapmommy suddenly metamorphosed into Nigella Bloody Lawson the Domestic Goddess for Crabtot's third birthday, please go to my Cookie gig, the bloglet, right now.


Do not think I have changed. Just because I can make a mean cupcake doesn't mean I'm not still a meanmommy. Believe me, I whined solidly up to and including the party and after. And while I'm feeling a bit smug about the popsicle-stick puppet show I performed behind the armchair (see the bloglet), worry not: I remain affectionately,

Your crabby, sour, lazy (mostly), and irritated (and hungover) friend,


Mamma Sarah said...

Those cupcakes were adorable and I'm sure they took a ton of time. :-)

Crabmommy said...

Mamma Sarah, thank you! They did take heaps of time to turn into Kitty-like faces. But it was therapeutic. I enjoyed wielding that black gel icing tube so dang much. The actual cupcakes are a total no-brainer, could not be faster nor easier. The icing was pleasantly time-consuming and gave me plenty of time to think about exactly nothing, which is what my vacant Mommy-mind loves to do.

Daisy said...

Ah, you must reserve the right to be crabby, even while you are creating adorable goodies. You do, after all, have a reputation to uphold.

Leann I Am said...

Mmmm...sake! I haven't had sake in YEARS!!! I'm going to your bloglet right now!

crabmommy said...

Quite right, Daisy. And believe me I know it. I have that rep to protect, and my job -- detailing the exploits of a crabby and lazy mother over at Cookie. I think maybe now they're gonna fire me. So stay tuned for backlash-y posts in which I try to do better. I feel bad about being a good y-two-shoes birthday mom. I really do. but I'll make it up to you. I'll tell you how I steal from my tot's piggy bank, and other matters... Oh, and if you need the old Crabmom in a hurry, just flip back to the spanking posts of months ago. I just got a recent comment from an anonymous critic who thinks I'm a terrible mom for whacking Crabtot on the leg when she tries to run in the road. A bad mom! I read the critics words...and my heart leapt with joy. At least my rep isn't entirely destroyed by the cupcakes. Must run --I've got some spanking and stealing to do.

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes were great,
stick puppets fantastic
Bloody Marys delightful
and dancing bombastic.

Decor so tasteful
understated and cool,
window picture did puzzle me
- a dog AND its stool?

Guests quite charming
and their tots very sweet.
Though my little guy's tantrum
'bout got his butt beat.

I'll vouch that you crabbed
though I did see you grin
you can claim it was wincing...
or just some strong gin.

Crabmommy said...

That is without a doubt the greatest poem I have ever read. And you are right: I did smile; I did not wince. People, I lied. Crabmommy had a good time at the Totfest because peeps like a&a attended with their immaculate children. So yes I enjoyed it. There was no crabbing. Just fun. It happened. So, deal with it. And I promise to move forward...or rather, backward, to a time when the crabbing was oft and loud.