Monday, October 22, 2007

I Get Drunk AND I Ply Crabtot with Banned Coldmeds!

Sorry, that title was a tad misleading. YOU WISH you were reading about Badmommy staggering drunk around the house and then giving Crabtot a nice fat dose of Robitussin (because as the New York Times reported in that pesky article about banning kiddie cold meds, "most parents who gave cold medicines to young children were just hoping for a good night’s sleep themselves)."

HOOOO! I am fired about that piece, man, having only just managed to actually read it in its entirety.

But today, I am not so much drunk, nor am I yet plying Crabtot with doses of "Little Colds." What I am doing is previewing 2 pieces to appear at Cookie magazine on my bloglet this week. In the first:

I speak of how much I've started lying since becoming a mother. And how I was afraid to admit to a very innocuous hangover last week when dropping Ctot at her preschool. because I am a wanker and a willy and a Piousmommy sometimes. And that's something I most definitely feel ashamed of.

Second, on Wednesday at the bloglet, I'm tackling the Times and the FDA on that cold med recall. And no, I'm not tossing that bottle of Little Colds that I have in the medicine cabinet. So COME AND GET ME, bloggers and Child Services!!!

As for not posting original content here today, people, I have a cold. And I am presently shooting up a bottle of Nyquil right here into these very crabby veins. However, no matter how ill, drunk, miserable, or high I am, I always have to be on time with my professional bloglet and by golly, so I am. So please do go and enjoy and if you think what I am saying is toxic and dreadful and offensive and wrong, that delights me! And I would be so delighted to hear from you. Just give up your illusions of online privacy, sign into Cookie (I'm trying to encourage them to do away with that) and then beat me to a pulp in your comments.

Also, little tip: if you have a blog and you come to Cookie...while we don't YET link to commenters' blogs, you can leave your blog url in our comments and get some readership from by all means, speak your mind!


RK said...

Mmm, Cookie wants my cookie, so I'll forego commenting there. But, yes, a real little Crabtot Pollock going there.

Often when drunk and maudlin I google not only exes but long lost looser schoolfriends who just can't seem to get a bloody webpresence going. But I can always imagine myself doing aremchair-detective drudgery. I did find an old friend with all details all the way in New Zealand.

Jou ewige Krostig

Inky Ink Inc. said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned Romilar bender to help put things right with the world! But if NyQuil is more your style, I recommend 1 part gin to 3 parts NyQuil, shaken, not stirred. Do remember to wash out your cocktail shaker, cuz it'll get pretty sticky pretty quick. Bottoms up!!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, please have cookie do away with the whole sign-up thingy, that is what keeps me from commenting.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i am more than guilty of giving my darling son benadryl when i needed a nap myself. heck, when a kid is all stuffy and won't stfu and you have things you need to do and it's nap time... 1tsp of diphenhydramine does the trick. 3 hours of laundry and cleaning - JUST LIKE THAT!

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