Friday, March 23, 2007

Miss Clavel is Gay!

That's what Google thinks. Why else are they running this new ad, "Are You Gay? 20 Questions to Find Out"?

Google, you people are so prejudiced. You see a nun (cf. my last post) and you think "lesbian." Stereotyping people with regard to sexual orientation is so five years ago. You can't tell by looking. Except if they have hairy moles and dangly woman-symbol earrings and they are your midwife. Then you can make an educated guess.

Back to the point, Google, maybe YOU'RE gay.

Okay, now I'd really better stop this. I have already ruined my Adsense forever. Quick, let's get some relevant words in here: toddler toddler toddler mommy blog mommy blog coool hip urban rural mommy. Google you guys are totally wrong about miss clav she is so not gay. But, Pepito, the boy next door... I think he's going to be gay when he grows up. Or anorexic. He's already anorexic in that Madeline Goes to London..."soon he grew thin, then thinner and thinner." And he has that girly haircut and lavish Spanish parents. And he's way into his mom.

Toddler toddler toddler mom mom mom sleeping napping daycare...banana bunker banana bunker banana bunker. When are you going to advertise the mighty banana bunker?

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