Monday, March 19, 2007

Carping at the Godmommies

Beating up on Christian moms and their blogs is surely shooting fish in a barrel.

But allow me one fishy. I never intended this blog to be petty or meanspirited. But allow me one moment of petty meanspiritedness, please. Let's blame it on Google Adsense again. I found my blog listed on a site called But Google, if I were a Christianmommy I would find Joy in the Morning, like this one:

People, she has 10+ children. And she homsechools them. And finds joy. In the morning. Good God. God is good. He endows us with the myriad fruits of our loins. And then makes us homeschool them.

A good god to me is one that gives you one child and then taketh away the ability for you to get all moony over newborns again. Seriously, one is the new seven. I'm sure of it.

Crabmommy has never found religion. And for that I feel eternally grateful. If I found joy in the morning, or, for that matter, at 11 pm Wyomingian time, I wouldn't be here in my robe, blogging. And without my complaining and whining and otherwise trucking in the negative, I would be a sadmommy. Joy in the moaning. That's me.


traceymmm said...

i'm so glad you haven't found joy in the morning nor god for that matter. i like your crabby irreveRANT posts. keep up the funny and entertaining work! crabmommy...better than dooce!

Villagepig said...

hehehe imagine the people who are going to find their way to your blog though :-)

Imagine their desperate attempts to find the Christian undertone - that in itself is worth the miss-listing.


Heather said...

some of us "godmommies" still don't find joy in the morning either!

And T.E.N. children, I am amazed the woman can even open her eyes in the morning!

Tory said...

Amen to that, sister!