Thursday, March 1, 2007

Goodnight Mosh: Sleeping en Famille Part 2

Okay. So you know I just wanted to use my alternative title, Goodnight Mosh, for those poor peeps moshing in their Manhattan beds.

But I do have something to add. Right when I was posting my advice about removing those poor little Manhattanites from their cavernous rooms and stuffing them into cozy closets instead, my own Crabtot (who refuses to nap but is meant to have quiet time in her room at lunch) fell asleep IN HER CLOSET. I kid you not.

I am telling you, the Crabmommy Sleep Methods work, people.

1 comment: said...

Mine curls up on the dog pillow sometimes but it is a REALLY nice dog pillow, with plenty of room for one little 20 month old girl.