Monday, September 17, 2007

Sept Schwag and a Crabmom's New Shag

By "shag" I mean shag haircut, you dirty-minded people.


I have, at long last, found a good and still cheap hairstylist. This is a big deal in a town where everyone wants to give you a haircut I used to call The Mormon Flip, back when I thought making fun of Mormons was cool, but I don't anymore. (And I have thrown out ALL my John Krakauer books, okay?) Right. So, the cut that I used to call The Mormon Flip. A very sort of Idaho/Wyoming/Utah look (Think of these states as a sort of Mormon Bible Belt... perhaps better known as the Belt Buckle of the Angel Moroni) OKAY, STOP IT, CRABMOMMY.


Back to The Look. I have been forced into this look since moving here because that is just the default hairstyle whenever you ask for something funky/ chunky/punky/ layered/interesting. I hate having volume or body of any kind off my head-crown. But boy did I ever receive body when I came here. That, along with dreadful face-framing soft swishy layered bits circa That-Jennifer-Aniston-hairstyle era. And then there was a little pert flip-uppy-thingy at the bottom. Now, how is a pert flip-up punky? you might well ask. I do not know. I do know that I sported this style. And I hated myself for it.


That is in the past!!! Finally a good haircut! It happened here, today, and on this head! I have found a guy who does it right, people! No more Pert Mommy Hairstyles for me. I told him no cute, no chic, no elegant. I told him to make me look like a Japanese cartoon character and by golly, he did! Two thumbs up for my new, flat, shagged, jagged little head.


Speaking about hair, I have a post up about hair on the bloglet (a continued rumination on the curly vs. straight hair science entanglement experiments that I reported on last week). And while you're there, enter their kid style competition and win shopping sprees, camcorders and trips to NYC. Darnit, on account of working for Cookie, I can't enter their contests, which is a shame, as they are always utterly schwagilicious....


Speaking of schwagilicious, I have in fact my very own schwaggy contests happening right here on Crabmommy, as you well know. But tomorrow is the last possible day that you can enter either of the September contests, those being the Dollar store contest and the lip balm sweeps! Put your name down. Winners will be selected on Wednesday, so get your act together if you haven't already, honestly, what are you people doing with your time?


Daisy said...

So funny. But are you going to share a picture? This post is crying out for a photo. :)

Leann I Am said...


I, too, have found a great haircut for twelve bucks at my neighborhood salon...if you can call it that!

skape7 said...

All together now everyone; "PHOTO! PHOTO! PHOTO!"

Anonymous said...

my friends,
I am thrilled that you want to see the Crabmug in her new shag, I promised to always keep myself anonymous here, so my shagiliciousness shall have to be taken at text value.

Also as with all funky haircuts, on the day of, you look fab. And then the next day you wake up looking like Keith Richards. Today is Keith day, then.

I WILL however, promise you some sort of Crabpic tomorrow. So do stay tuned.

skape7 said...

Oooh can't wait.

Also - my tangled hair theory - WITCHES.

As one who used to have a curly moppet head when I was small, I would have to spend a good 1/2 hour each morning blinking back tears while my mum brushed out the "witches knots" as she called them.

This dates back to some good old Italian peasant heritage where hanging a piece of knotted rope inside your door meant that if a witch entered your house she would be immediately enthralled with undoing the knots and would not cause any other mischief. If there was nothing to distract her though, mischief abounded and of course, witches (since they love knots so much) can't help but be attracted to a head of pretty hair - just right for tangling!

Anonymous said...

I force LA Mommy to cut my hair. She hates it, but does a good job. And she doesn't charge too much.

So -- where's the pic? Hmmm?