Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Portland p.s.

As if it's not fabulous enough to have visited a city where you could roll around in a giant vat of fresh-grown broccoli rabe and pay like, twelve cents for it, we had a super-swell time appreciating the proliferation of eco-conscious culture in the city generally. All their new buildings are green-tastic, then there is that public transportation... basically PDX is just so organic and delicious it almost makes you feel a little too healthy and good.

Great then, to be back in Wyoming, where, on getting our car washed in one of those infernal towns between Salt Lake and here (I think it was the town called DeBarge, like the 80s group) , our poor vehicle was sprayed with, I'm not joking, a cherry-flavored wash that was bright pink and then leaked a sort of frightening green foam down the windows and then the scent changed to a potent mix of green apple and bubblegum.

Crabtot was never so happy as experiencing this car wash. But I warn you, people, unless you have a strong nose, don't get the Super-Premium $10 car wash in De Barge. Because it will Teflon-coat your car in gum. Get the $5 Regular Super wash. Got it?


Leann I Am said...

Ahhh...I know the pink and blue foam well! Oh yeah, if you're going to pay for the good wash you might as well pay a little more and have actual PEOPLE wash your car!

However, I still think that the dirt will eventually thicken up enough to get so heavy that it falls off by itself! Call it eco-friendly!!! I just wish bugs didn't liquify and turn into GLUE when they hit my windshield!

Portia said...

ha! since when do they flavor car washes?? i knew about the smelly stuff they will infest the inside of your car with, if allowed, but never heard of this...stuff.
crazier still, is the "Santa Fe Car Wash & Social Club" (????) here in our little town that charges upwards of $25.00 for the premium washes! what the..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. Making mental note to avoid De Barge altogether, actually.

Jane, P&B Girls

Amanda said...

It's actually called La Barge, but I like to call it De Barge, like the 80s group (I think they were actually El Debarge, to be exact)...they did a very cheesy song, something about "dance all night" -- a sort of Lionel Richie thing with kettle drums. Calling this town De Barge glamorizes the place. It's an appalling little town full of posters advising people to stay away from meth. And my personal favorite sign: "don't be a goose and resort to child abuse!!!" A town, apparently FULL of those goose-y child abusers! Crikey!!! Stay away, people!