Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally, Funny Parents on Video

Okay so these videos, in which parents dish on parenthood were the reason I started Crabmommy in the first place. Or at least, they gave me the impetus to start my Crabbing formally. Diehard Crabfans will recall my opening post in which I trashed the co-founders of Babble for videoing their good-looking, happy, and hip selves. (Forgive my verbosity in those early God, was I writing a book or a post?)


This Babble video is actually quite funny. Plug on through the first few seconds and hear this couple's story. Sort of beats mine and Crabhub's—we met on the subway. That's a different post. I'm saving it for a money essay actually (you know, when the magazines pay for that How Did You Meet? piece.) Right. So back to these 2...the mom is one point she recalls a PowerPoint presentation her husband gave her on how to divide the parental duties. They seem perfect candidates for The MartyrMeter.


What the heck is up with you people who have not yet told me about a single find in your local Dollar store? People, you can't win the Crabmommy Dollar Store Giveaway if you don't enter. It's been almost five days. What were you doing all weekend that you couldn't loiter in the Dollar store looking for crucifixion puzzles or lawn ornaments made out of chopsticks?


p.s. I have new post today at the bloglet. Deep, depressing stuff. Elegiac musings on the turning of the leaves and the summer's sweet but fleeting caress...

9 comments: said...

Ok, remember how I said, "I can't buy that $ crap!"? Well, I went to photograph it instead and they wouldn't let me (?!). I found these really UGLY bowls, butt frickin' UGLY! I am not sure if I can bring myself to buy one ... seeing as prize sounds bad too!

However, being the competitive sort that I am ... I do really want to go for the CrabMommy Prize 'hat trick'. Cougar hat, Mom Spit, and dollar store crap ... I mean how can I pass that up?

I might try sneak my piont and click in the $ store. If I get arrested, you're bailing me out.


Crabmommy said...

The question is, WHAT did the Dollar store people think you were up to, MK? Were they afraid you would knock off their knockoffs? That you would steal the design for their bowls made of woodchips, or their July 4 lampshades fringed with red, white, and blue plastic beads that form a sort of dangly American Flag ? I just make that up. Quite good, I must say.

I really like those light switch covers they have at can definitely sleep well knowing you're about to short-circuit your house with one of those Chinese waterfalls that perpetually "flow," backlit by your nightlight...anyone else seen those?

Villagepig said...

Not sure that it counts exactly but our 1 pound store sells an assortment of rather odd things. In no particular order I managed to score the following:
1 x silver plated and diamante engagement ring (not kidding!)
1 x large and fake looking octospider thing
1 x bottle of Iplode laxative... I mean come ON - no matter how desperate I am to get the boys to poop WHO would trust a £1 bottle of laxative?


Crabmommy said...

Great stuff, Amy! Isn't it great to know you can get engaged for just 1 quid! Then again, it's not great to know you can buy a stale kids' laxative for 1 quid -- that's what I'm talking about, the joy and the pain, the pleasure and the fear...the DOLLAR STORE as metaphor for LIFE ITSELF.

oooh deeeep!

Excellent work, girl! So far you are well on your way to winning Crabmommy's Dollar Store Mystery Prize.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

what I saw at the dollar store:
Clip on hair extentsions in bright blue-who'd wanna by that? I took a picture on my cell phone for proof..

Oh, and they have toothpaste that is made in China-weren't they supposed to PULL those off the shelves? crap, no WONDER my kids have been so well behaved lately-that toothpaste..hmmm..

and how do I win that creamer creamy stuff? Where do I go?


Crabmommy said...

Crusty! You absolutely must email me that cellphone pic if poss. The prizewinning depends on it. I am at crabmmommyatgmaildotcom.
Enter the lip balm contest at Free Stuff: Schwagilicious September Giveaway post. Just put your name into the comments. Chhers! And good work, ye doldier of the Dollar store.

Crabmommy said...

Um "doldier of the Dollar store"? That should be a lesson to all of you who, like me, don't always check for typos.
Sorry, Crustybeef. I meant to say that you are a SOLDIER of the Dollar in you march forward, propelling the cause...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..the Dollar Store. Great place to get things for children's birthday parties...and stocking stuffers...oh, and they sell AWESOME cleaners there as well. And all for only a buck!!

Daisy said...

I enjoy the Dollar Store -- in small doses. I bought an air freshener there a few years ago. We couldn't stand it. It smelled worse than the bathroom. I still run in to buy pencils and scissors for my classroom, though.