Thursday, September 6, 2007

FREE STUFF: Crabmom's Dollar Store Giveaway

I cannot ever get over my love for the Dollar store. It's almost equal to my fear of the Dollar store. And both emotions hit me fresh, whenever I enter a Dollar store.

For many years have I loved the various Dollar Stores I have known. That one in Brooklyn where I purchased a rip-off Winnie the Bear tote that said "Vinnie Bear" on it (remember, A.N.? How we laughed!). And now there is the Dollar store down yonder Crabtown street where, when I get over the heady scent of toxic off-gassing and ancient dollar-a-dozen Glade Toilet Freshener Plug-Ins, I find treasures that simply cannot be beat.

South Africans among you: the Dollar store is a uniquely American thing. A whole huge shop where everything in it costs a dollar or less. Most of it comes from China. And therefore you have to worry whether the chewing gum you just bought got painted with lead leftover from a batch of Thomas the Train toys. So we tend to skip the food. Instead, head straight to the flipflops, which of course, are always right next to the non-magnetic fridge magnets.

Today's finds:
*dried fruit with this on the packaging: "Mango-flavored pineapple."
(No, dumb-dumb, I didn't buy it!)
*a packet of stickers representing the crucifixion. Now I'm sorry to reference the Lord again and all that and please don't be mad, Christians, but HONESTLY, isn't it a bit sacrilegious somehow to put Jesus on the cross and THEN ONTO A STICKER? Somehow I can't see a kid doing this right: peeling off the cross and then ...what? Sticking it at a jaunty angle in a coloring book? This sticker-Jesus stuff is just asking for trouble if you ask me.

So here's a competition for you. The rules are as follows:

1. Go forth and find your best Dollar store
2. Select the most outrageous "only in a Dollar store" find
3. D
escribe it to us here in the comments section of this post

I will keep this competition running for the next several weeks and then, after fair warning, I will close the comment entries. The winning entry will describe the most Dollartastic and ridiculous Dollar store find in the history of humankind. Foreign readers of Crabmommy, if you don't have a Dollar store feel free to find your own equivalently bizarre item from wherever. It must cost no more than one American dollar. (Pep stores, perhaps, my SA peeps?)

And if you can't find a Dollar store near you, or fail to spot something suitably absurd in your DS, then just make it up. The winner will receive...a mystery prize from, you guessed it, the Crabtown Dollar Store.

Cool bananas!

Can't wait to read all of your discoveries. Now get out there and shop your collective sock off!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Cue the James Bond music, I'm off to explore the DOLLAR STORE to find the undesirables in hopes that I'll earn and Undesirable from Crabtown! :)
Glad that you have the comments back up...

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to have you back, Crustybeef. Get thee to the Dollar Store indeedy! Your comment about comments has me concerned...was it turned off at some point? Best Blogger behave or I will defect to typepad. Though typepad seems pretty screwy in its own way. Anyhoo. Welcome back.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

hey there Crabmommy,..yeah it wasn't accepting comments..I'd had you linked a few months back from march until about June..when I could find you...damn blogger..
typepad sucks. :)
No offense to those that love it, it's just my opinion, nothing more, and definitely nothing less. said...

Oh, Lord Jaysus, I tink you've lost yer mind! Ok, that was my Irish accent. I am not Irish, which isn't really the point.

CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T buy shit from the dollar store. I would rather have nothing that LOTS of crap.

BUT maybe I'll go and look, but I'm not buying it mind. Just looking and will post a photo.

MommyKnows ... don't buy cheap shit ... the poor buy everything 2x - once @ the dollar store and then have to buy the quality version later, which is probably why they are poor.

Amanda said...

I know, I know. But once you inhale that toxic air, you just can't get enough. Trust me, I don't buy...but browsing is a true delight. Where else could I see "mango-flavored pineapple"? It's pure inspiration.

skape7 said...

Just so you know, the dollar store abounds in Australia too. Though most stuff costs $2 (what's the conversion rate??) and there is also more expensive, yet equally craptastic stuff for sale!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, skape7 I love that you have your Australian $2 store! Never mind conversions...we'll give you a wide berth. Just find something Dollartastic and pray tell all about it. Excellent!!

anonamouse said...

The Dollar store in South Africa has been hit by inflation.
It is a national chain of franchises call "the Excitement Store" and most things start at five bucks, or rand.
99,99% of what you get is made in China, and has a shelf life of ten minutes after exiting the store.
They are found everywhere in shopping malls, and are always packed.

Crabmommy said...

Ooh, Lost-in-Jozi, this is so GOOD to know! I am so GLAD that all of you in my native country can experience the same luxury. Who knew the Dollar store/5 Rand store/ 1 Pound store/ 2 AUS Dollars store is ever-present on our globe!?

Scary and cool at the same time.

Now get going everyone and spill your finds, right here, right now!

Anonymous said...

I took a picture of my "find" but forgot that I had no way to post it since I don't have a blog. It is a musical, light-up American flag tie that I bought as a joke for my husband to wear to work. Perhaps I will email the picture to you, Crabmommy. It is truly a sight to behold.


LizLSB said...

One day when my cute new Liz Claiborne new shoes were killing my feet at work, I bought snow-white mock Crocs and some fluffy socks for $4 at Dollar General. I had on khaki capris, and the only other color was black. Those were the ugliest shoes I've ever had on my feet, but they saved the day, cheaply! People stared but I didn't care; I was just glad my feet stopped hurting.

I don't understand people who won't shop at a dollar store. I buy all of my cleaning products and pet food at Dollar General, and anything else that I buy routinely when they have the same brand, because it's WAY cheaper. Why would I pay $6 for laundry detergent at the grocery store, when I can get the same brand for $2.50 at Dollar General? I buy Purina Cat Chow for $2.00. $1.50 for Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. A girl's gotta save when she's walking around in her mock Crocs.

Leann I Am said... my local 99 cent store I stumbled across a VHS copy of the 2000 Presidential Election as covered by CNN.


Crabmommy said...

Whoooo, :eann! That is GOOD. Girls, the competition's heating up. Another week or so and the winner will be announced!

Crabmommy said...

erm, sorry about that typo. I meant LEANN. C-mom a bit hasty today. Preview, preview, preview, peeps!

skape7 said...

Well, I FINALLY got round to checking out my local $2 shop - I must say it was lots of fun scouring it for the worst thing I could find! And after this little excersise, I have to say that I didn't realise the el cheapo store could be so kinky! The very worst things I found were a set of plastic glow in the dark cocktail stirrers which had long legs in high heels kicking off the ends and also (in the kids section!) plastic glow in the dark handcuffs. And if your relationship happens to be going well after your nights of glow in the dark fun, you could also break the bank and spend $4 on a three tiered wedding veil. I'm just a little sad it wasn't glow in the dark as well.