Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crabby moms speak out!


Crabmommy gets colicky this week, here, where I lob a few crabacious sentiments at the NY Times parenting blog, Motherlode. Motherlode recently ran a promising-sounding post about how losing it in a mommy-meltdown and yelling at the kids can actually be good for them—only their example of an "angry mommy" was so tame I had to retch. And kvetch. And I did.

Come check it, yo! And sound off in the spirited comments, however you feel. The Times has asked me to come and tantrum it out on their page too. Though I'm scared. Will I be crabby enough? Or too crabby for the readers? Will they pound me with hate mail? Hunt me down and impale me on a stick me on behalf of Positive Parenting?

On a sweeter note I'll be doing a Valentine giveaway courtesy of the very much awesome Gumdrop Cookie Shop later this week. Come and pop your name in the hat to win choccy-chip cookies for yerself. Yumz!

From sour to sweet—I feel schizo. Come to think of it, 'aint that what motherhood's all about?

Also this week I'm Guest Curator (doesn't that sound super-fancy?) at Etsy...picking sweet things for new moms and babes. (And yes, for those who followed that last link, that was helluva sneaky. I'm embarrassed. But apparently not embarrassed enough...)


The Mother said...

You're right. That wasn't a meltdown, that was a lukewarm.

I once dumped a cup of icewater over my screaming four-year-old on the tennis courts, in full view of the entire club (he immediately stopped his tantrum, by the way). I still hear the story, almost apocryphally (you won't believe this, but once a woman...).

Anonymous said...

Ack! I'm jealous. Am I allowed to say that out loud!

Heading over to tune in the folks at Motherlode.

Anonymous said...

Wha??? The NYT? When?

Anonymous said...

Ok, you want a real meltdown? This morning my three year old refused to get dressed. She was just lying on the floor, playing with her feet. We were late (my fault), and so, after crouching down and explaining to her very calmly that I was angry with her, I grabbed her by the pj pants, intending to pull them off and start dressing her myself. Well, she came sliding towards me and banged her head on my knee. Tears were shed. I felt like crap. Probably would have been better if I had just yelled and screamed instead.

I share your disappointment in the dearth of True Mommy Meltdowns on the internet. I could use some support.