Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's On My Mind

On a more serious note than usual, I just can't stop thinking about the news today, of what I have just tried to digest on the front page of the NYT.

The cruise ship the QE 2 is about to be retired and turned into a floating hotel in Dubai.

Yup, after 40-odd years of transatlantic travel, the Queen Elizabeth 2 just made its 701st, and also its last, appearance in New York City's harbor. And I feel cheated. I always wanted to go on the QE2. It seemed only a matter of time. My grandparents were always going on the QE2! (Okay, maybe just once or something but you know, it's family tradition!) Going on the QE2: I just assumed it would happen, you know? When I retired! On my non-existent 401k.

Now I have to be content with sitting on a stationary QE2 in Dubai and frankly that's not the same thing. For one, where's the British hospitality? It just won't be the same to take my Earl Grey and crumpets from a stewardess in burka.

Bloody bad times indeed.


Wynnster said...

Sorry Crabmom, you'll just have to do your cruising on the Queen Mary 2 or the new Queen Victoria instead.
I'm a bit sad too. I always wanted to do a transatlantic crossing on the QE2 myself, guess I'll just have to learn to dream about a different ship

tonypark said...

And the worst part... with so many South Africans living in Dubai now her beautiful bleached teak decking will be scuffed by countless Crocs plastic clogs, which I'm sure would not have been acceptable under the dress code when she was afloat.

mommyknows said...

At least the old girl gets a nice warm place to retire.

Dubai ... my favorite place on earth (or was).