Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Because Other Moms are Funnier

I think we're all a little tired of me and my Sarah Palin satires. I'm finding myself a smidge dull and obvious at present, so I'm going to send you elsewhere instead. Here are 3 nice linkies to amuse:

1. Blogger Sugar and Snails talks of how she found a velvet Jesus painting at a thrift store...and through the miracle of bribery, managed to wrest the artwork from another shopper. Read it here.

2. See this most excellent entry from blogger Suzanne Broughton's 6th-grade yearbook.

3. If you aren't already watching Season 2 of Motherhoodlum over at Offsprung then shweesh, get on with it already! Readers may remember Emily and Marty from when I first wrote about them here...they "J-vibed" on Jdate, got together, had a baby and now Ems is navigating mommylife...getting kicked out of eco-mommy groups ("Oh my God, she's only two and her carbon footprint is huge!"), inveigling herself into a single-moms group in a desperate bid for sisterhood, almost making out with her sleazy ex-boyfriend in an alley while out taking the baby for a walk, and trying to figure out how to keep the flame between her and Marts. If you haven't seen the show, start here.


Daisy said...

Other moms may be funnier, but I'm glad you still have the tampon weiner in your sidebar. It makes me laugh every time I stop in.

crabmommy said...

Oh, Daisy! "Other moms may be funnier..." I was faux self-deprecating...I was angling for compliments...I was....dammit, I'm funny! Can't you see how funny I am? Look at this trick I just did. Did you see that? Wasn't it SO freaking funny? You like me, right? You really like me. Cause I'm funny. Sniff. Gulp.