Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If You Are Homeless

It's been serious, sincere, and heavy over at Crabmommy of late. And it's about to get worse. Because as we all know a crisis is afoot. And while I usually traffic in claptrap and whatnot and randomommy trivia, I feel compelled to talk about the current crisis. I cannot ignore the grim realities of day-to-day life in America. And I know you all want to know what I think about what's going down in our country today. And many of you have written to ask me how I'm managing and how my 401K is doing and the answer is very well! I have taken ZERO losses there. Because there was NEVER ANYTHING IN IT TO BEGIN WITH.

Anyway, it's true that we're in trouble right now. And facing tough times. I myself worry every day. About the big stuff. Like how to re-register my car with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

As some of you may recall, I moved recently, away from the rodeos and Polish poolboys of my former resort town in Wyoming...and ever westward to another state where the rain falls freely and the Teva sandals are as abundant as the congenial lesbian dogwalkers and micro-brew-drinking men sporting Devendra Banhart-y folksy facial hair and Maasai earrings.

But this is a state also very interested in one driving a law-abiding smog-checked car. And apparently I have very little time to get my car tested for smog output before I will be sent to a special jail reserved for the most criminal of offenders: those who don't recycle properly and whose SUV's are belching unconscionably into the fine misty air.

So I have been going to our state's website. And reading about emissions checks and re-registering of licence plates and such. And I came upon this incredibly fine and sweet and oddly touching thing that I must share with you. Check out this section at my state DMV website, on proving residence:

All documents submitted must be acceptable to DMV. DMV has the discretion to reject or to require additional evidence to verify your residence address.


Individuals that are homeless may use a descriptive address such as "under the west end of the Burnside Bridge."
Nice to know that if the economy is going to screw Crabhubby, Crabkid, and me out of our rental home (and it actually, jokes aside, might), we are welcome to domicile ourselves under one of Crabcity's bridges, so long as our car burns clean.


DoulaMomma said...

Points to them for this, though they do lose a fraction of a point for using "that" instead of "who". ;-)
I live in the land of (increasingly out of work) Wall Streeters.
Deep breaths to all...tense times indeed.

Fall From Grace said...

Hmmm... if you're parked under a bridge does it really matter how clean your engine burns?

Though if I were you, I'd trade up to a minivan with removable seats before carving out that patch of park.

mommyknows said...

Move north CrabFamily ... our economy is thriving. Nice that they will deal with those of 'no fixed address'. I wonder if the homeless parking areas are 'no idle' zones?

Fall From Grace said...
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Anonymous said...

Are the bridge parkers really all that concerned about their vehicle passing emissions? You would think that they have bigger fish to fry... like finding out where their next meal would be. Secondly, I'm not sure I've ever actually seen a bridge parked car that actually runs... thats why they're under the bridge in the first place... Oh well at least the DMV knows where the car will be...

DoulaMomma said...

Just letting you know I linked to you (& was inspired by you to lend a hand as well!)

Daisy said...

It could happen. My homeless students usually have parents who take the bus to work; and yes, those are parents who work. I can appreciate the humor, though in describing an address!

kyouell said...

We recently moved to a rainy NW city (well, west of it, not realizing that just because the light rail system connects to the large NW city that this is still out in the BOONIES!) and I saw that same thing when looking up DMV info. Yikes. We too must get the van registered before we are forced to live in it.

I've found that driver's licenses are the hard part. Hella expensivo, but they justify it by making it last 8 years. 8 years! Suppose we want to move farther north in search of more gray in 2 years? Do we get a prorated refund? Doubt it.