Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mom on Trial for Being Normal

Apparently Chicago police have too much time on their hands.

According to CNN, some poor chick was arrested for leaping out of her car, running over to put some money into a Salvation Army bucket with her 2 kids or somesuch act of goodymomness, when the police arrested her for leaving her other tot in the car-seat for all of one minute. And now she is on trial. That's right. On trial. And not just on Nancy Grace. (Whose Country Star name -- for those of you into the music name generator -- is Cooter Perkins.)

Ooooh. Baaaadmommy alert! Thank God I'm not moving to the windy city....where it's a lame wind that blows nobody any good. If you follow.

I think the cops should be sentenced to 5 years of tampon-wiener craft activity.

On a happier note, I have posted some links to truly swanky egg-shaped design loveliness, for your delectation over at the bloglet, just in time for Easter. Especially do not miss the adorable "egglings," tiny ceramic eggs that hatch into basil and mint plants. Too delightful!


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

okay, going to be the first (most likely the ONLY) one to say that i have left my kid(s) in the car for 5 mins when i have had to run into the convenience store (cigs, wine, BREAD, MILK)... WTF. it doesn't hurt anyone. OMG, i am so f-ing angry after reading that CNN article...

Crabmommy said...

cripes, mofm, FIVE MINUTES? I'm calling DCS.

I heard the dropped the charges after that story hit the media. I shuld bloody think so!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit it too - I do it twice a week. I leave Lovebug asleep in his carseat when I walk the ten feet from the parking lot to the playground to pick up Ironflower from preschool. I have also done it at the convenience store twice.

Arrest me now!

Submommy said...

I do it M-F with Boy Child while I pick up Girl Child from school. It's a parking lot full of parents. Think BC is fine. Happier & warmer & drier, that's for sure.

Make a dartboard with the cop's picture for your next Crabcraft.