Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Idea

You just have to adore spam. Crabmommy recently received an email entitled "Good Idea," as follows:

Hi friend
I am spanish and I have seen your blog.
Is cool, but you need to add an animated image or a clock.
Make it more creative. I have added a clock in my blog and the people like it.
Just go to www.myclock.we.bs
Is very simple to include in your blog. Just selecting a simple code and put it in your page.
See the website.
Your friends will love it.
We need to be diferents and creatives.

A clock. Man is that ever a good idea. Indeed, I need to be diferents and creatives. Thanks, jlg7564@hotmail.com. You're super! (I particularly love the non-sequitur-like quality of the line "I am spanish [sic] and I have seen your blog.")

p.s. After attempting to be chipper and picking out my favorite egg-shaped things for the bloglet (like the Eames egg-chair with MP3-hookup and a hefty price tag), you may be pleased to note I have reverted to my crabby ways: today, getting peppery with Horton Hears a Who Cares About This Remake? And no, I haven't even seen it. But having no informed knowledge of a matter never stopped me from weighing in.

Wow, that's a lot of linkage. Can anyone say "plug"?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you totally need a clock to make your blog different and creative - I was just thinking that the other day, "Crabmommy's blog would be so much better if she had a clock."

And I'm with you on Horton Hears A Whatever. Dr.Seuss movies never work for me.

Adrian&Debbie&Troy said...

i just came accross your blog while looking up receipes for play dough - that I actually don't want to make - cause it will end up everywhere.!!
then thought I would look for something about mothers on the edge of insanity....
and saw your blog name.. well I dunno if it's going to be a relief to read your blog... but so far I feel a little better,
I have a 21 mth old (ONLY GONNA BE ONE!!!) - and I agree - you love your kid - but motherhood's a B**ch... I find myself constantly trying to hold onto quiet times.. and not shouting all the time - he is a good kid - but why do I feel this way....
Thanks for your blog - I guess I need to chill.
I am South African - moved to New Zealand - 5 mths ago ... will keep coming back to read your thoughts and happenings.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

thanks for pointing out the idiocy of the spammers. WHO WRITES THAT CRAP?!

tonypark said...

A clock? Useless.

What you really need is the comprehensive Eastern European business directory, on DVD, which I was offered this morning by a nice gentleman from the Ukraine. I can forward the details to you, if you like...

Unlike other people I know, I never get pervy spam. How come other people get offered larger appendages and russian brides, while all I get is a business directory?

Come to think of it, I'd be happy with a clock.

Christine Kraft said...

This is hilarious writing. Hard to mix the "who cares" with the "I'll just keep at it" of parenting. You are great, Crabmommy. Keep us posted and tell me...are you ever earnest?

crabmommy said...

Tony, you just KNOW you need that clock to drive up traffic.
Adrian&deb: hang in, hang on. I hear ya. If you want to hear me at your stage of babyrearing, see the early phase of this blog when i was scratching at my eyes and trying to have a laugh while doing so.
coco-hey thanks! And welcome. I am earnest sometimes. Just perhaps not in totblogging. i feel there's a heck of a lot of wayyy-too-earnest parent-blogging out there and I'll do my damnedest to buck the trend.
Life: it is very earnest. This is my counterpoint to all that. I keep the private serious sincere stuff, well, private because who wants to read all that schmuzzy dreary plodding crud? I wouldn't. Thanks for dropping by. Glad to have you--all of youse.

now please, go enter the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test giveaway. I have one to send to a lucky winner.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Get clock. Maybe even calendar. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

my fave fave ever was the subject line:

her face looked like a wedding cake left out in the rain.

as a writer I want to start a novel with that sentence.

besides THAT spam irritates me :)


Amanda said...

mizfit my god that is beyond amazing. i want to steal that line from you. r from him. or from her. or from it. the spamrobot, I mean. :)