Thursday, May 17, 2007

World Laughter Day

Rats! I missed it! Every year I try to remember this and then I forget.

World Laughter Day was the first Sunday of May. People, this is no laughing matter. Laughter yoga practitioners worldwide take their laughing very seriously. There are like 5,000 clubs around the world. These people meet regularly to laugh. Because apparently laughter really is the best medicine. It's good for you. According to these peeps.

Even in the sort of places -- or especially in the sort of places -- where you don't picture a lot of laughter (Germany, a town called Yellowknife, Canada) people are chortling in a big way. See here some Canadians: A while ago I planned to interview the founder of this laughter program, one Madan Kataria of India, Laughter Expert, for The Believer but I knew I couldn't keep a straight face. And I was worried that a laughter expert might know when one was laughing at and not with. And that he might not find that funny.

I mean, my questions for Mr. Kataria were going to be things like:
*If laughter is so good why do we do it when we’re being bad? [evil chuckle]
*What do you do when people have a horrible, annoying laugh and then they come to your studio and want to laugh all over you and everyone else? Do you advise laughter correction exercises? Or do you just advocate acceptance of the natural laugh tone and timbre?
*I hear people are laughing an awful lot in Denmark! What the hell have they got to laugh about?

Anyway, He Who Teaches Laughter gets the last laugh. I missed WLD and that is a serious bummer. I really wanted to go to a laughing venue this year so I could make fun of some people and take my own cheeky photos. Heck, I'm probably within driving distance of Yellowknife (when you're remote then remote is close, right?). Honestly, I could cry.


Inky Ink Inc. said...

To quote Brother Bob (Dylan), now is not the time for your tears, Crabmommy. Hold back the waterworks for WCD (World Crying Day). WCD is not until September, I think, but then some may believe that any old day can be World Crying Day, depending on the latest news or stock market trend. Get out your hankies!

Jege (Jen) said...

Damn! I missed WLD as well!!

But in my defense, I was completely absorbed in the festivities of Pacific Northwest Surliness Week at the time.

Crabmommy said...

World Crying Day and Pacific Northwest Surliness Week are both extravaganzas that will make it onto Crabmom's 07/08 calendar forthwith. Mass peevishness and whimpering is so very...Crabmommy. See me there! Join hands with me and let's whine!