Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Something's Going Down...Again

In the ever-thickening plot that is Crabcorner...more shenanigans here on the wrong side of town.

Stuff is going down, people. Things are shaking out strange. And it always gets me talkin' a certain sort of way.

Yesterday I looked out of my window and saw someone on my lawn...Before I got the chance to open the window and call out, he ran off. Which maybe doesn't sound so odd. Except...what's that in his hand? Wait, stop!

He made off with a fork. An eating utensil that belonged to me.

You see, Crabhusband dropped a fork over the BBQ last week and forgot to pick it up. There it lay on the lawn and I knew nothing about the matter until I recognized the fork clenched in the trespasser's hot little fist. My Ikea fork! I put 2 and 2 together and computed 3.5, which means I realized the fork had something to do with Crabhub who is meticulous in all ways except with regard to utensils when at the BBQ.

But why does the cowboy want my fork?

Clearly the guy is 5 forks short of a full setting. Dadgum weird, I tell ya.


info@thebabymarketplace.com said...

Was there a small morsel of food stuck on the prongs of the fork? Could he be hungry?

grunnio corocotta said...

Time to dig a Burmese Tiger Pit in the front yard (when the moon is dark, natch). Lay the turf back on real even-like and he'll never know what hit him.

RK said...

This sounds very Lynchian to me, very very Twin Peaks...

Inky Ink Inc. said...

Well what in tarnation do you expect a cowboy to do without a fork?? A cowboy without a fork, Crabmommy, that's like... that's like... well... let's just say it ain't right. A cowboy just NEEDS a fork—take my word for it!