Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shameless on Mothers' Day

I promised some people free stuff if they came here.

But cheapmommy that I am, I don't have much stuff, period, and certainly not much to give away to you, my new readers.

But please don't go. I can rustle up something. For instance, I do have a very attractive bottle of Kellogg's cinnamon-toast-flavored syrup in my basement. I have no idea how I got it, nor why syrup should itself be flavored with cinnamon toast, but I am happy to give it to you. It is Jumbo sized!

I also possess 3 or 4 unused swim diapers from last year, size 1-2. Happy to make them yours.

Seriously, if you are looking for freebies, you incredibly shallow and materialistic people, I'm sorry to be such a cheap shot. But cheap I am. And whiny. And lazy. And selfish. And all those sorts of things that you should have gleaned from my name.

You Who Seek Free Stuff, please stay a while before leaving in disgust. I have a lot of most excellent free advice here, such as my previous post where I teach you how to teach your tot to listen. Okay, maybe only for 24 hours but it's a start.

I also can point you to a much more generous and cool blogmom than I, my good friend Mommyknows. This chick really gives away free stuff constantly. And her stuff is good. Right here. She has, like, amazing stripy water-socks and such. She is the real deal.

Happy Mothers' Day to you all. Especially to my own mother who might be reading this and who is extra-fantastic, the best Crab-grandmommy and the Crabbymom Original.

3 comments: said...

Hey CM,

Thanks! Remember if you pimp out my free stuff, I'll pimp out yours!

In the spirit of karma I can't wait to tell everybody about the free syrup and all the great tot training advice I find here.

Have a great MD!


Villagepig said...

Double Happy Mothers Day hun (since it is currently being celebrated in South African and the States)


Crabmommy said...

Jy ook, Amy. Gelukkige moedersdag, skat. MK, love the mutual blog-pimping that's happening. Syrup and water socks all round, I say!