Tuesday, November 4, 2008


During such tense times I find myself riveted to the news, unable to stop myself from reading the very latest breaking stories...as they pertain to John Hodgman and his new book. With his offering aptly titled More Information Than You Require, the American comic helps me feel secure in an insecure epoch, because I know that if I buy this book I can rest assured in the knowledge that I will have more knowledge than I require.

See John Hodgman on BoingBoing TV discussing knowledge and its dissemination below, in the link that I just embedded (and very clever of me if I may say so! Go Techmommy!). And if the clip is too long for you and you feel you are not sufficiently enlightened or amused, skip ahead to just past 2 mins 30 for his unforgettable rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.

I had such a chuckle. Enjoy!

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DGB said...

Hodgman rules. I haven't read this one yet, but his first book, "The Areas of My Expertise" is fantastic.

Extra comedy bonus if you listen to the audiobook version, which has music by Jonathan Coulton.