Monday, May 5, 2008

Hedgehogs and Hamsters

I'm not a big animal lover. I have written before about this. That doesn't mean, however, that I am immune to the sweet charms of the occasional if fleeting scrumptiousness that the animal kingdom offers. That is why I have chosen to write about hedgehogs today: as a guest poster on DesignMom. Whaaa? you say. Crabmommy is talking about animals and giving design tips? This from a dog-dissing lady who recently lived in a prefabricated house (and not the Dwell magazine kind)?

Yes. But. Here's my disclaimer to those of you who think I'm going all chic on you. All designy on you. All craftastic on you. All corporate on you. I'm not.

Okay, I am.

Because the future of Crabmommy depends on hocking more than just my mommy complaints and grammar tips (but I'm glad so many of you appeared to enjoy the first installment of Grammarmama). In order to preserve my sanity and earn a few shekels over at the bloglet, I have started widening my beady eye to include the occasional posts on nifty products, such as paper Russian dolls and cherry blossom detangling hair mousse for curly tots. But here's the thang (and no, I don't know why I used "thang" instead of "thing"): nobody has asked me to review the cute things I put forward. They are entirely my own finds. In addition, I strive to keep my coolio picks verrrry cheap and/or in some way ethically harvested. No, I don't either quite know what I mean. But I suspect it will all soon become clear...Anyhoo, back to cheap. Cheapmommy seeks the good appealing designed objets for the modest budget. And for the most part, I succeed. So when I find adorable handcrafted hedgehog-print baby booties, you can be sure the bootie-maker hasn't pushed them booties onto me for a fee. 'kay?

Last, I want to say that while Crabtot's room doesn't contain any of the cuteness I have hitherto written about (too lazy to order, too cheap even for the cheap stuff), I live in a conceptual bedroom of cuteness for her. Meaning, it exists in my mind's eye. And if I can draw your attention to some sassy muffin of a vintage-print pillow for a few measly bucks, then hot damn I will! NOW, THANK ME FOR IT!

Disclaimer over. Do go and see some swell stuff in my hedgehog-related post. Great cheap, original, homemade baby shower presents that entirely defect from someone's registry and show you to be the independent thinker you are.

In other news, my next post will be of a Randomommy nature. Stay tuned. I will also soon be speeding up the postage (okay, wrong word but I like it) on this here personal blog. Crabtot will soon be back at school after our arduous move to Crabcity, and when she goes I will blog my blogging finger off on this here site. There will also be more giveaways. But they will not last all dang week long. And they will involve cool one-of-a-kind sassy lovely freebies for your delectation. And then probably, sprinkled into the mix, some corporate stuff foisted upon me by PRs. I hope. because I am a momocrite. So PRs, if you are listening, take heart! I am still here for you. I want your swag. We all do.

I close out today's post with something I never in my most outrageous whacked out notions thought I'd see coming from me: a link to a video involving animal cuteness. But watch it. You must see this baby hamster eating broccoli. It's so cuuuuute I can barely stand it! Watch through to the end; there is this business in the middle where the hamster rotates its tiny feet and you almost want to eat it. On a roll with mustard. Or at the very least, you want to squish it with love!

Okay, so here is hamster eating broccoli.

Oh, no! I just watched it again! It slays me with sweetness. And that tinny music is just too delectable. I am in a state of virtual catatonia from the sheer adorability of this animal. But no, I don't want one. No animals in this house. I have told Crabtot when she is four she may select a fish. That is all.

Thanks Tamara for the link.


Daytrippingmom Media said...

I just wanted to say that I'm loving your posts on DesignMom this week and love your blog. Loving the disclaimer!!

crabmommy said...

dtp: welcome! and thank you!

Anonymous said...

You're going to LOVE this!!!

I watched the sickening cute video of the hamster which prompted me to see the video of the little guy as a newborn. Then, to my horror, I see a featured video of a child still being breastfed at EIGHT YEARS OLD! True enough, she and her sister were latched on to mom! I could hear your wonderfully snarky comments in the back of my head! Any thoughts?!?

Miss ya!

Fall From Grace said...

Is that a tail I spy, or is Mocha a boy hamster who really, really loves his broc?