Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot Dang It, It Dang Hot!

I thought it high time I used a palindrome in my post title.

And hot dang it, we've been sweltering here. Hence my inability to type. Heat, coupled with extreme laziness, has a profound effect on my blogging finger (I never learned to type properly so my pointer digit figures prominently in the formation of words from my keyboard). Poor blogging finger. It does not like 107 degrees in Oregon. I had to bathe it in ice and set in on the A/C for days at a time. As one of few people I know in Portland whose apartment blessedly possesses aircon—central aircon no less—the Crabhome became of late the locus of much neighborly cocktail activity, all and sundry from our street crowding into our pad to cool down. It was quite fun.

In other similarly earthshaking Crabby news, Crabgrandma has been here for two weeks attending to the small one, who at almost 5 is going through one of those stages of insisting on wearing winter clothes in summer, in a heat wave, no less. She digs them out from the basement, saying, "I think these [corduroy] pants are right for today" and "Please can you button this [thick wool sweater]." And Crabgrandma deals with the tedium of challenging and changing and generally engaging the tot in all her contrariness.

Me, I lie on the floor plotting future vacations to Sicily, or sit beneath our one shady tree with a gin and tonic, pondering the plural of gin and tonic. That's gins and tonic.

I'm having a dang good summer. You?


cathy said...

Well, in Miami it's been blistering hot and the humidity makes it 843215 times worse. But a great summer so far. Thank God the beach is a hop and skip away. How are the kids handling all the heat.

SZ said...

In Canberra it's not hot, rather a tad chilly going down to -2 degrees Celsius this evening (not sure what that is in Farenheit). That's cold enough to freeze some ice for a GnT and it's really never too cold to drink one is it? Now you have me craving a GnT and I don't have any in the house, I'll have to settle for a nice Australian Red. Hope the heat lets up for you soon and heads on down to Oz.

Anonymous said...

i hate to be the one to tell you but you did NOT use a palindrome:
example of palindrome: Hannah

what you did was alas, merely an anagram.

crabmommy said...

anon: oh, crap! The dang heat got to my head. How right you are. Geez, who gave this blogger a degree in English? Gasp. Splutter.

tonypark said...

I hate being cold.

I've left Sydney for my round-Australia book tour (well, two states of Australia) to spruik the pirate book and was hoping that West Australia would be warm. It's not.

SamZed - Canberra! Eieek! Now that place is seriously cold and, well... cold.

CM tell the CGM I'll be in CT in Sep with SO. Perhaps we can G&T.

crabmommy said...

10-4 on the CPT G&T. CGM and CH will both be there & delighted to suip with the author of AS.

SZ said...

TP - Canberra is indeed "well... cold" say no more.
TP and CM is the CT, where the G&T will be suiped, Cape Town. If it is I wish I could join you. The last really good G&T session I had was in Umfolozi Game Park in South Africa. There's something special about drinking a colonial drink in the colonies to the distant roar of lions.

Jane said...

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mommyknows said...

Summer has been great!

Lots of books, mountains, vacations and sunshine.

tonypark said...

SZ, yep, CT is Cape Town. Headed back there and all other points southern African next month.

Nothing like sundowners in Africa. (though mine's actually a castle or a windhoek lager as G&T tastes like medicine to me)

SZ, what say you and I get a petition going to get this crustaceous mommy back to blogging.

The Redheaded Lefty said...

This is the best title for a post. Ever.

SZ said...

TP, the crab mommy writing petition sounds good. A friend of mine who lives in a tent in Botswana put me onto the blog and I love it. My friends blog is and web site you are into Africa the site is great.
I am with you G&T's are rather medicinal I prefer Black Label or Amstel.
Have a ball in Africa, I am turning green with envy. I would love to visit SA my whole family are there last visit was 2 years ago now, way too long.

Anonymous said...

Um... Crabmommy...?

Has no one else had this niggle to the point where they had to look it up? Dear Anon was (sort of) incorrect; a palindrome is word, phrase or number forward/backward. An anagram is when you mix up the letters in a word to create a new word.

So, you were indeed correct. And my faith in the universe is restored.

and it's dang hot here, too!

Fall From Grace (who forgot her password. again)

crabmommy said...

Dang, you clever. Clever you, dang! Thanks for redeeming me. Or trying to. In truth I don't think the phrase itself can be called a palindrome, but it sho' aint an anagram. You was right. We is all stupid up here. Summer brain. Addled. Confuzzed. I might add if you look up palindrome in Wikipedia it says a bunch of things about crabs. Will perhaps get up a post about it next...stay tuned...

mia said...

Grandmas rock! Your post makes me want to fix myself a gin and tonic, and sit under a ceiling fan. Summer is sooo hot here.