Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crabmommy Interview! Check it, yo!

CityMommy has just posted a lengthy interview with the Crabmommy, complete with a real and actual and recent shot of me with my chin perched atop my hand.

Here's a sample of this convo:

CityMommy: You blog, you raise Crabkid, you engage in tampon wiener craft activities, you run a household...how do you do it, Crabmommy?

Crabmommy: Let me tell you a little secret, mom to mom: I never recycle. All those hours that the rest of you moms put into wiping and folding tin foil, scrubbing out plastic trays of takeout vindaloo, and rinsing anchovy jars? I just stuff it ALL into the garbage. Every last bit! What a time-saver!
JK, people. JK. I live in the world capital of recycling. If I didn't recycle the eco-fascists (whom I totally dig and am grateful for) would come and yank me out of my blogging chair and put me into the garbage themselves.

The real and honest and not-ironic interview is here, for those of you who just can't get enough of who, why, what, and how much when it comes to Crabmommy. Real and sincere tips on blogging. Completely candid chat about momhood and writing from the crab POV. It's a rare thing.

You could also skip all that and instead sample this utterly hilarious video, brought to me courtesy of my pen-pal, Libba. Watch it again. And again. Even if you got laid off today I guarantee you will laugh. It's that good.


cathy said...

Loved the interview. And your picture - Portland is treating you well.

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha ha ha ha ... the video made me laugh. Hiphop version of Seinfeld's Elaine. KLUTZ

You're famous!

tonypark said...

Nice interview - and good tips for slack bloggers like myself who neglect to proff read their posts and comments.

Childless of Australia.

Stefanie said...

Great interview, Crabmommy! It's high time you tossed a jaunty beret in the air and twirled around in the middle of downtown Crabcity!

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, I really like you. How do I not know you?!!!