Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things

Some of you may recall one of the highly anomalous Crabmom post in which I, a crab-hearted being, attempted to write about gratitude. Sure, I'm grateful for many things. But I usually prefer to write about being ungrateful. Yes, when not chortling at bloody marvelous Christian music videos, or at Bret Michaels' reusable totes, or at reduxes of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," I like me some big ole' heaps of conflict and kvetching in my blog, in case you haven't noticed. Grumpaciousness inspires me.

But indeedy, there is stuff that warms my crustaceous heart. Here is a random sampling of things that make me smile: cacti in interesting pots; bison; tiny Japanese notebooks; nieghbors who give you things they've grown; nougat and assorted almond-based foodstuffs; miniature Mexican dioramas; sad music; fresh mint; stale Gummi bears...

Oh, and also the cute things my people sometimes get up to. I especially enjoy an accidental moment of sweetness. Such as when you download pictures from a camera, and you haven't downloaded from the camera in ages, and you find this:It could only have been taken by one human, of 4 and three-quarters, though perhaps a little younger than that when she took it. Maybe she meant to snap the shot of her toes; more likely it was just a mistake. And it's my favorite thing today.

What's yours?

*Less schmaltz, more substance coming back soon to Crabmommy. Empty promises, you think, but I'll be back.*


Genevieve said...

Dancing Filipino inmates Michael Jackson tribute--obviously.

Unknown said...

gapped front teeth.
npr weekends.

crabmommy said...

Life As I Know It,
Saw those guys. Amazing.

daniel kuntschik said...

my youngest reading her first word alone today

tonypark said...

The joy that comes from being in between books, with nothing on the horizon except more lunches, and more beer.

And, of course, the dancing Filipino inmates.

Come back cranky Crabmommy, all is forgiven.

Christine said...

the smell of my baby's head after a shampoo