Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Camp for Parents!

On vacation and cracking up, so no original posts this week. I do, however, have to keep up with my bloglet, even if I am cracking up and/or on vacay, so please go there for Crabmusings, should you wish to hear them. I promise soon enough to stop talking about wimpy parents and wimpy kids and to go back to talking about such things as hemp seed brownie mix and shower caps for food storage; until then here's yet another a variation on my latest theme, to be found in full at the bloglet:

In lieu of the usual Million Dollar Mommy inventions that I test-drive on this blog, I've got a slightly different idea this month. Inspired by two recent articles, here, and here, I foresee great wads of cash to be made by someone in the summer camp business. Apparently so many parents, coast to coast, are going ballisto with grief when their kiddos go to camp, to the point where camps need to contend with parental separation anxiety as an occupational hazard. But it doesn't have to be a hazard; it can be a cash-cow! Seriously, someone crafty surely stands to profit this new trend of parents experiencing seasonal "kid-sickness." For example, here's a letter I'm working on to welcome parents to my imaginary summer camp...a camp for parents of soon-to-be summer campers.

Dear Campers,

We are super-excited to be welcoming you to Kamp Kickapoo Lake. Congratulations on making the decision to take on a camp adventure! We are certain you will leave with new friends, fond memories, and most important, the skill set for which you came to us in the first place.

Camp Kickapoo is a smart choice for those moms and dads who need a little extra emotional preparation before their children go to summer camp. We realize that saying goodbye to your campers can be deeply challenging, but we are confident we can help you build the strength you need to face your child's camp experience with courage.

To read on, please go here.


Anonymous said...

They have already done you one better - Family Camp. I saw it on a local parenting magazine just this morning. I have to tell you, family vacations are enough for me, there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH you could get me to go to camp with my kids.

Shelly G said...

You have totally had me rolling with laughter:)